THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has refused to grant cameraman Chellah Tukuta bail pending appeal.

Lusaka High Court judge Lameck Mwale sitting as magistrate, said he is of the view that Tukuta’s conviction is firm and his appeal against the two years jail term will not succeed.

He also said appeals now take about 90 days which means that Tukuta would not have served the substantial part of the two years if not granted bail.

On July 17, magistrate Mwale sentenced Tukuta to two years with hard labour for defaming former information minister Dora Siliya.


  1. This judge convicted Chellah , he cannot also handle the appeal of his own decision . This is nonsense.
    Chella should apply for review of the decision by another magistrate ; a proper magistrate.
    It seems the High Court does not have enough work for the judges. Please fire them or hire them on casual basis.

  2. But the same court granted bail to kambwili and kabanshi, clearly the argument by this judge is biased. Is he saying the convictions of the two was not firm and their appeals will succeed. He probably doesn’t want to jeopardize. his recent promotion to the bench.

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