LUSAKA, Tuesday, 8th March, 2022.

The Patriotic Front (PF) party has been following with keen interest the war between neighbours Russia and Ukraine in Europe. We regret the loss of lives and damage to property.

Our position is that our party remains resolute and committed to finding a lasting solution to this complex and delicate situation being fueled by the United States and its NATO allies.

We are of the view that the Zambian government should have consulted citizens before voting in favour of the United Nations resolution condemning Russia.

This is yet another example of the United Party for National Development (UPND) government’s seriously flawed foreign policy, which has the potential to harm the interests of our nation.

In the UN resolution, 141 countries voted in favour of condemning Russia, 5 against and 35 abstained from taking any side. Historically, Zambia has been a member of the Non-aligned Nations on matters of international conflict involving competing interests between the West and East blocs.

We are therefore disappointed that the UPND government sided with Western interests to condemn Russia without consulting Zambians through their elected representatives in Parliament. This smacks of arrogance.

The PF shares a mutually beneficial relationship with the ruling All-Russian Party (United Russia) and shall remain steadfast and optimistic in calling for an end to the conflict.

We believe that it is important for all interested parties, including Zambia, to understand the complicated and delicate nature of this conflict and join efforts to end it and restore peace in Europe and the rest of the world.

The world should hear both sides. Russia has appealed to the global community to understand the reasons for its military operation in Ukraine, which include demilitarisationnand and denazification of its neighbour for the safety and security of the Russian people.

It has reminded the world that since Ukraine declared independence it had remained non-aligned until the western-backed coup in 1914 after which it has been pushing to join the Western military alliance, the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which has declared Russia as its adversary.

This, if actuated, would directly threaten Russia’s security as it shares a long border with Ukraine.

The West turned down Russia’s requests for security guarantees of non-expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders and started mass deliveries of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian government, encouraging the activities of nationalist anti-Russian and armed groups and foreign mercenaries.

All these factors must be considered when adopting a position on this conflict.

Issued by:

PF Acting President.


  1. Too bad for PF we thought you have changed over the issue of violence,, unfortunately today you are supporting Russia who are busy killing people . Killing people it is not a solution lubinda, the best solution is to table issue. No wonder we are saying that you can change pf guys.

  2. Ba PF which coup of 1914 in Ukraine? What are talking about? Go back to school and revisit your o level history.

  3. How can a small country like Ukraine threaten a super power? Putin wants to get back the USSR . It is greed!!

  4. Abstaining is not solving or helping people who are fighting. It is useless to look at your neighbours fight when you sit back and say let them beat each other and if they kill each other who are you going to blame? You are stupid for not taking sides just because both people who are fighting are you friend and both feed you bread. Call a spade a spade and dont hide yourself by saying that you are big and will control yourselves.

    No wonder we see they can not correct themselves within PF leadership because they luck wisdom and no one is wise mu PF.

  5. Lubinda we are behind our government and support them 100%.PF loves and supports violence.
    KK said in 1973 some word that Lubinda needs to know.
    Bravo Zambian government for voting against violence,and bullying.Russia has attacked Georgia, annexed Crimea ,Chechnia and gotten away with it.

  6. While Russian concerns may be justified, invasion of a sovereign country resulting in so much loss of life and suffering for innocent people is certainly not justified.

  7. This Lubinda is a dull chap. Surely, he would not be making such self-destructing statements if he wanted his beloved PF to survive. The non-aligned movement ceased to exist decades ago and would be irrelevant in today’s post cold war world.
    Blaming Russia’s killing of innocent Ukrainian citizens on western democracies and their NATO alliance, though expected of PF, is most appalling.
    The government does not need to hold a referendum before casting a UN vote. The people of Zambia were consulted on August 12, 2021 and their voice was unequivocal in rejecting the PF regime and giving UPND a clear mandate to govern and make decisions on their behalf.

  8. PF should learn and practice mature diplomacy. How often should I repeat my lessons to PF. In the world of diplomacy as an opposition leader and prominent person you do not criticize a position taken by your Government. That is why when UPND was in opposition, it never criticized PF Government on diplomatic blunders on South Africa, Angola, and China. Even Zambia’s most experienced diplomat VJ never talked about PF wrong positions on the international scene. Every game has its own rules.

  9. Lubinda, during PF reign, life was not important especially if the one to be killed was UPND member. You armed you cadres with guns for what? Plan was to kill UPND members and reduce their vote. What difference does this make with supporting Russia as the aggressor? You are the same . You do not respect life that is why a number of you have murder cases pending in court. RUBBISH foreign policy. Whom did you consult yourselves?

  10. But you didn’t consult us when you GASED the nation neither did you consult us when you allowed cadres to harass us and beat you up as minister of justice


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