ACC joins push for Chitotela to pay K6.5 million over dubiously constructed mansion

Ronald Chitotela

ACC joins push for Chitotela to pay K6.5 million over dubiously constructed mansion

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been joined to the matter in which AZADI Investment Limited is demanding payment of K6.5 million from former minister of tourism and arts Ronald Chitotela for the construction of his luxurious house in Chongwe district.

High Court judge Pixie Yangailo has ruled that the Commission has sufficient interest in the matter as the said property is under restriction and is pending investigations.

She said the ACC will suffer injustice if she grants the relief sought by the construction company to sell Chitotela’s farm which is under the Commission’s control.

“Accordly, the ACC has a connection to the subject property and is likely to be affected by the outcome of this action. Accordingly, the ACC is joined to this action as second defendant,” said judge Yangailo.

The commission had asked to be joined to the law suit in public interest on reasons that the proceedings were an abuse of court process aimed at legitimizing Chitotela’s continued possession of the property which is suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Kalemba January 24, 2023


  1. All of a sudden, even judges have become sober and have started thinking. This is after HH warned that he does not want blockages in 2023. Any judge playing hide and seek will have to answer to JCC and face possible dismissal.
    Pixie is doing fine so far but this case of Chitotela has been around for far too long. Whay cant it get concluded – always in and out court as Zambian courts are only there for adjourning cases not justice.
    We now need these cases to be moving and thieves to start serving jail time. Where can Chitotela get K6 million to buy a house? A mere minister getting less than K50,000 per month. Please send that thief to prison where he belongs and stop wasting time.

  2. Zambia is finally becoming a law abiding country because in future even the election of sitting president can be reversed a thing which did not exist before. Those condemning HH are the ones that want Zambia to remain ages backward. As long UPND is in power,those pf corrupt individuals will face the law without fair or favor and this don’t mean that the current leaders in the upnd are in touchable ! No ,they will also be probed and if found wanting they are liable for prosecution.

    • Put the idiots under house arrest, they have too much freedom even to bribe those who offer them stupid solidarity. STUPID IDIOTS.


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