FOR President Edgar Lungu to realise what we always sing about Zambia belonging to Zambians today is a good and welcome move but it’s too late for him, says National Restoration Party.

Nyirenda urged President Lungu to accept his failures and retire so that people with serious intentions like himself can show how Zambia should be run and taken to prosperity.

In a statement, party leader Stephen Nyirenda said the dream of Zambia belonging to Zambians should have started day President Lungu assumed office in 2015.

He said President Lungu has proven to the world that his politics is all rhetoric, and has led to the country’s current economic collapse.

Nyirenda noted that President Lungu’s leadership has been marred by corruption.

“He has embraced China and other foreign nations in taking advantage of Zambia’s wealth through exploitation of its natural resources leading to high levels of poverty. President Lungu has no heart for Zambia and he should not stand up today to sing our song of Zambia for Zambians,” he said. “Zambians should not be put on a cushion of wishful thinking that if he is given another chance he would do what he is talking about. He has realised his failures and wants to use lies about giving hope to the millions he has subjected to his visionless rule with his Patriotic Front.”

Nyirenda said the ZCCM-IH taking over Mopani Copper Mines and President Lungu’s resolve to look to local means to run the mine was a welcome move but should be scrutinised.

He wondered whether President Lungu had done it in good faith.

“It is also a welcome move that the President himself is looking at local means of operating this huge cash cow business venture. We know Mr Lungu and his weakness for the Chinese, who he and his team can influence to becoming partners in running the mines. If this is the case, then Zambia is stuck in the hands of foreign rule like has been the case,” he said.

Nyirenda added that Zambia for Zambians should mean citizens running their own affairs without foreign influence, noting that the mines were a huge money-making venture.

He said Zambians should be allowed to form a consortium to run such a powerful venture stressing that the country has the individuals and companies that if put together could meet and run the daily operations of the mines.

“Countries with visionary leadership use such methods to run their own companies, make profits which boost the economy through provision of employment (tax) and proper service delivery (health, sanitation, education),” said Nyirenda.

“Mining coupled with agriculture, if run professionally like we will, should fund the budget of Zambia. These two giant industries are the backbone of economies in developed countries and ladders in developing countries. With this said, I urge President Edgar Lungu to be truthful for the sake of Zambia and not his personal interests.”


  1. The main reason Edgar Lungu is loved by PF members and surrogates is that he is a very weak president who cannot do anything sensible to the country back on economic prosperity except allowing his followers to plunder national resources and public funds. He is also a beneficiary together with his family. The man doesn’t care about poor people. After all he is known for swindling a widow. It’s like expecting water to come out of a concrete wall, so that’s the kind of Edgar Lungu we have for a president.



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