Amb. George Kanyamula Zulu Must Be Ignored, He Instead Need Our Prayers- Chanoda Ngwira

Ambassador George Kanyamula Zulu as Spokesperson/Chief Induna (Advisor) of Nkosi ya Mankosi Ngwenyama Mpezeni King of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province during one Nc'wala ceremony which is annually held on last Saturday of February of every year.


We are compelled to issue this press statement in response to the claims made by Ambassador George Kanyamula Zulu regarding the Kum’awa Development Coalition (KDC) on the ZNBC TV1 Sunday Interview of 24th December 2023. Our coalition, would like to reiterate that it is solely focused on development and not on tribalism or politics, as his assertions painstakingly tried to suggest. We have stated this before, and we take the opportunity to remind the nation again that there is nothing wrong in Kum’mawa Development Coalition working as such. Our intention remains, to work hand in hand with government, and all well meaning stakeholders for the development of the Eastern province.

It is for that reason that we appreciate the position taken by our government that they will not interfere in the operations of provincial groupings, such as Kum’mawa Development Coalition, as long as the agenda is development.This was clearly stated through the Chief government spokesperson, Honourable Cornelius Mweetwa, and it is for this reason that we find it unfortunate that a private individual, such as Ambassador Zulu, should speak to matters to the contrary.

We also take cognizance that Ambassador Zulu – a senior citizen, accomplished diplomat, and leader, would unfortunately spend time speaking to untruths about KDC and its intentions. Such lies, spread with a straight face and open eyes, are extremely unfortunate. Even when he purports to have been speaking for an interest group, we seriously question the capacity in which he is speaking and who he is representing. It was clear he is only promoting his own interests, trying to draw attention to the appointing authority, for possible personal favor. While he is free to do that, let it not be at the expense and detriment of development in eastern province.

There is also the continuous and unfortunate reference to happenings in 1967 and 1968 around the “Umodzi Kum’mawa” incidences. We would like to make it clear that the nation continues to act on very little information, misinformation and more importantly manipulated information. Actions of the time were not tribal, and remain even today, not tribal. If the matter focuses on intention for cessation, it was again, the same Easterners, who promulgated unity, togetherness, which became the basis of “One Zambia, One Nation”. In addition, persons, including Ambassador Zulu, are very much aware that various calls for cessation in Zambia, have taken place. None of such has come from the Eastern province, and that is why it remains today the least influenced as voting patterns from the province. To be more specific, it is one of the provinces that gave the sitting party a 49% resounding vote, and that should speak volumes to its purported tribal inclination.

His further allegations and claims that he knows who is behind Kum’mawa Development Coalition, is nothing new. If the intention is for him to show that there is something inimical, we want to clearly state that the people who are integral part of the Coalition, are known and undertaking this without any ulterior motive. It is well intended, public knowledge that Kum’mawa Development Coalition is for development, achieved through unity, oneness, and collaboration between the people in the province and government.

On the programme, Ambassador Zulu, speaks to matters of politics, particularly alleging that the first President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, sent him and Dr. Kaunda’s son to campaign in the Eastern province. While it is not our intention to make comments on his involvement in the campaigns, we find it so unfortunate that the name of the deceased, has to be brought into what would be a contested political matter. Ambassador Zulu’s involvement in the campaigns would not have to depend on late Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s instruction. His involvement, perhaps, very personal, should not draw the attention of others. We counsel Ambassador Zulu, to examine his conscience on his actions, as an elderly person. Let him seek to be relevant to the government and ruling party of the day differently,

Lastly, our advisory to Ambassador Zulu, including others, who have opted to combine efforts to negatively inform the nation about Kum’awa Development Coalition, is that we remain unmoved with our efforts towards fostering development in Eastern Province. It is a moving train, and where they have concerns, let him and the likes get in touch for clarification than finding themselves in situations of spreading falsehoods that only serve to hinder our progress. Zambia will develop when its people achieve meaningful development, and the Eastern province is not immune of that development efforts. They too desire development and individuals should not be deemed as inimical to that development. They are not gate keepers to what the province desires.

Chanoda Ngwira


  1. Don’t worry Mr. Ngwira, this man, Ambas. Zulu is always looking for job, when he didn’t get a job from Lungu, he went full scale against him. You Easterners should learn from Tongas, who never go against each other other as Tongas, but Easterners, immediately they learn that Ngwira is Tumbuka and they are Ngoni, enmity a jealousy yangena! Get over that you Easterners!


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