Andrew Ntewewe Calls For ACC And Ministry Of Finance Top Officials To Step Down To Pave Way For Investigations Into Alleged Missing K65 Million

andrew ntewewe
andrew ntewewe

By Michael Kaluba

Civil Rights and Democracy Defender Andrew Ntewewe has advised that top officials at the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Ministry of Finance must step down to pave way for investigations into the alleged missing of K65 million that is cited in a leaked letter from the auditor general’s office to the acc.

Speaking on this morning’s edition of Let the People Talk on Phoenix FM, Mr. Ntewewe says the answers given by the acc chairperson Musa Mwenye regarding the issue are unsatisfactory and has challenged relevant authorities to show how the money moved and whether procedure was followed in a transparent manner.

Mr. Ntewewe says there is a critical management letter suggesting that there was failure to follow laid down procedures, misappropriation and possible misapplication of the forfeited resources, which he says, is a source of concern and need decisive action by President Hakainde Hichilema.

A leaked Auditor General’s management letter to the Commission for the financial year ended December 31, 2022 has revealed that Ms. Musonda’s forfeited cash amounting to K65 million and another K1 million have not been deposited into control 99 and that the whereabouts of the funds are still unknown.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ntewewe says Zambians made a mistake by voting for president Hakainde Hichilema to replace Edgar Lungu because the country is now worse off than it was before the 2021 general elections with the cost of living currently high while lacking policy direction.

But UPND Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has described Mr. Ntewewe’s sentiments as an affront to democracy and a blatant insult to Zambians who voted for change due to state sponsored violence, hate speech and tribalism as well as a decimated economy, among others.


  1. The man has no moral right to comment on any governance issues of the new dawn govt. He urged the PF govt not to allow election monitors from outside the country in the hope of facilitating rigging as prayed for by disgraced Father Lupupa.

  2. The man has no moral right to comment on any governance issues of the new dawn govt. He urged the PF govt not to allow election monitors from outside the country in the hope of facilitating rigging as prayed for by disgraced Father Lupupa.
    Ntewewe, you and your cohorts are suffering because you cannot freely spend the laundered m9nies were receiving for fear of being asked to explain the source. You cannot speak on behalf of the many Zambians that voted for HH. We are happy and would l8ke to advocate to make him wamuyaya, chikubabe!

  3. Every voice counts my brothers. Dont look at the personality but the content. The problem in Zambia is we think we are so smart. But the reality is the opposite. We never want to learn. So according to you guys only you can talk sense and not Nthewewe. Just give your take on what he has said and stop looking backwards.

    • When the ACC placed the money with the Bank of Zambia, it was issued with a deposit slip. This is the only document the ACC has to prove that it has accounted for the money. After that the ACC’s job is done and dusted. Stop listening to Andrew Ntewewe.

  4. Radio Phoenix is the oldest private radio station in Zambua. It should have a reputation to protect. The money is not missing. Andrew Ntewewe’s reaction is based on an incomplete audit of the ACC. The auditee itself has not been formally requested to present accounting documents it completed to show the transfer of money seized from Faith Musonda to the Ministry of Finance. On seizing the money, the ACC asked for help in counting the money. After that it was announced publicly that the money had been placed under custody of the Bank of Zambia. The ACC does not have a banker-customer relationship with the Bank of Zambia and cannot therefore issue instructions to the central bank to move the money. It’s the Ministry of Finance that is in a position to issue payment instructions to the Bank of Zambia. If the money is missing as alleged, it’s the accountant-general based at the Ministry of Finance to explain where it has gone. The ACC should and must not be chastised by Ntewewe and his ilk. For obvious reasons Ntewewe and those like him remained mute when the ACC made this recovery of stolen money.

  5. The man wont even bother that the Ministry of Finance, and the HELBS already confirmed how funds moved snd is still yapping for investigations how?? And then ati Zambians made a mistake voting HH7 koma njala yamba kunyokola

  6. Big Senior you are a complete PF idiot just like Andrew Ntewewe who is another PF loser. No UPND member can waste time to listen to a PF lunatic like Andrew Ntewewe. The fool is a PF loser.


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