Chawama’s Regina Parish Catholic Church Council Summons Fr. Serengeti


Chawama’s Regina Parish Catholic Church Council Summons Fr. Serengeti

By Davis Siame, 24th May 2023

The Church Council of Regina Parish in Chawama has urgently called for a meeting with their Parish priest, Fr. Anthony Kapambwe Sangaleta, to address a crisis that has arisen due to derogatory remarks he made about President Hakainde Hichilema.

During his Homily in the presence of former President Edgar Lungu, Fr. Sangaleta accused President Hakainde Hichilema of advocating for people to eat graphs instead of providing them with food in Chawama. These remarks have not been well-received by many Zambians, who accuse him of deliberately distorting the President’s intentions.

Sources within the highest administrative body of the local congregation, who requested anonymity, revealed that a crisis meeting has been called to reprimand the Parish priest for making a political statement that has deeply divided the congregation.

“The Parish Council, led by Chairman Moses Mwamba, admonished him and advised him to refrain from engaging in partisan politics and instead focus on matters of Social Justice in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,” said the sources.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that some members of the congregation walked out of the church on Sunday as Fr. Sangaleta began to preach about politics.

“A number of members expressed their dissatisfaction with the Priest’s conduct and decided to leave the church,” the sources revealed.


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