Chawama’s Regina Parish Catholic Church Council Summons Fr. Serengeti


Chawama’s Regina Parish Catholic Church Council Summons Fr. Serengeti

By Davis Siame, 24th May 2023

The Church Council of Regina Parish in Chawama has urgently called for a meeting with their Parish priest, Fr. Anthony Kapambwe Sangaleta, to address a crisis that has arisen due to derogatory remarks he made about President Hakainde Hichilema.

During his Homily in the presence of former President Edgar Lungu, Fr. Sangaleta accused President Hakainde Hichilema of advocating for people to eat graphs instead of providing them with food in Chawama. These remarks have not been well-received by many Zambians, who accuse him of deliberately distorting the President’s intentions.

Sources within the highest administrative body of the local congregation, who requested anonymity, revealed that a crisis meeting has been called to reprimand the Parish priest for making a political statement that has deeply divided the congregation.

“The Parish Council, led by Chairman Moses Mwamba, admonished him and advised him to refrain from engaging in partisan politics and instead focus on matters of Social Justice in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,” said the sources.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that some members of the congregation walked out of the church on Sunday as Fr. Sangaleta began to preach about politics.

“A number of members expressed their dissatisfaction with the Priest’s conduct and decided to leave the church,” the sources revealed.


  1. Upnd please leave the Parish Priest alone. Your schemes of using some members of the the Parish Council to stifle the Priest won’t work. There was nothing derogatory about the priest’s homily.Next we will hear the Priest has been called to the Police. Leave the man of God alone. You will start a fight with the Catholic Church which you won’t win.
    President Hichilema is not immune to Criticism. This belief the UPND wants to impose on Zambia of a ‘ deity ‘ of their Great Leader , infallible, who can’t be criticized is retrogressive and a danger to Democracy.
    Today it’s one homily , next it will be two , until the whole church will voice out against these dictatorial tendencies…you will find yourself in a hole where you won’t get out. Leave the Priest alone..

    • The Lusaka – Ndola Dual Carriage Way Shame, you are a complete PF fool for pontificating and Eulogizing the derogatory remarks against The President by a hired Self Righteous PF Father. Your hired PF Father’s ceremony doesn’t represent The entire Catholic Church. Let your hired PF Father feel the incessant heat alone iwe.

      • You don’t know the Catholic church. If you think that the bought parish council will do anything to the parish priest, you will be disappointed. Father Salengata is ordained, and no one can touch him..and he hasn’t done anything wrong, even the bishops know that. Further note that the UPND is no match for the Catholic Church. This Church has been in existence from the 1st Century.
        The Catholic Church is not like to Ntemba churches..start a fight with the Catholic Church and you will be history .

  2. That is a good move, Catholic Church was instrumental in bringing the change that we have now, so is good for the Church to distance itself from some of these disgruntled priests who just yap anyhow. The Clergies are representatives of God on earth therefore they should never forget their important role. Their role is to give spiritual advice and guidance, God guides the nations through them. It’s therefore very sad for some priests to turn the pulpits into political rallies. Samuel ruled and guided Israel for many years and both God and the people appreciated him. Doesn’t matter how someone can talk, prosperity comes from God and maybe through the same person you are attacking. Priests should be praying for the nation and its leaders as opposed to attacking them.

  3. The priest, father Sangaleta, is a well known PF symphasiser like his counterpart father Lupupa, who advocated for rigging of the August 2021 elections to allow PF retain power.

    He was playing to the gallery, especially that “abene ba kasaka ka ndalama (moneybags)” ECL, was part of the audience. However, his assertion that people cannot eat graphs should not be taken lightly. It is the stark reality, albeit delivered in mocking tones.

    UPND should focus on the message not the messenger. Food is what drives politics. It is not about IQ or understanding graphs, but survival.

  4. Check the composition of the Parish Council concerned. They maybe partisan. There was nothing wrong for the Priest to have Sporen on behalf of the poor majority.T.Mpundu criticised PF oftentimes and no Council summoned him .Was the council sleeping on duty.? Wrong is wrong,even in America ,presidents are criticised.That is all about Democracy. Don’t Intimität the Preast.

    • True and so I ask where is the diaosese? The Catholic Church is an organisation with strictures. Those charged with ensuring there is order and disciple. Where are they? The Church should be preaching the word of God. Stop the poliitics. Inflation isnt just happening in Zambia. The world is beholdened to inflation and like any home, Zambia was plagued by wreckless leaders who acted irresponisble and now the chickens have come to roost.


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