Government and the Public Service Unions have agreed to review the salaries and some conditions of service for Public Service employees effective 1st January, 2024.

ZANIS reports that this follows a 10 days’ negotiations with representatives of 19 workers’ Union in Chilanga District.

In a press statement jointly issued to ZANIS in Chilanga today, signed by Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary, Margaret Miyoba and representatives of the Unions, the parties have agreed to increase the salary by Five Hundred and Fifty Kwacha across the board.

The parties have also agreed to revise the rate of transport allowance from 15 percent to 20 percent of the monthly basic salary.

The parties further agreed to revise the rate of meal allowance from One Hundred Kwacha to One Hundred and Thirty Kwacha.

“Other existing conditions of service for the Public Service employees will continue to apply,” stated the statement in part.

Government and the Public Service Unions have further agreed to continue engaging to resolve some outstanding administrative matters relating to conditions of service.

And during a press briefing, United Public and Allied Workers Union of Zambia president Foster Matakala said public workers unions have agreed to review the salaries and some conditions for Public workers effective 1st January, 2024.

Mr. Matakala who spoke on behalf of other Unions said this is the best offer for now considering the economic challenges that the country is facing.

“We know the challenges that our country is going through and we cannot demand beyond what the Government can afford,” said Mr. Matakala.

He said in the last 10 days, various technocrats came through to explain and give the Government position on how it was performing saying the offer of K550 across the board is fair.

And speaking at the same event Deputy General Secretary for the United Health and Allied Workers Union of Zambia, Inambao Sitwala, said the K550 offer from the Government is fine considering that it is employing more public workers in the health and education sectors, who have to be on the payroll by 1st January 2024.

” We understand that with the employment of more public workers later this year, the wage bill will increase and this is why we accepted what the Government can afford at least for now,” said Mr. Sitwala.


  1. K550 per year increment.

    Civil servants can now live like Kings.

    Congratulations Mr. President for caring for the civil servants.

  2. The same K550 you won’t even enjoy because the same K550 you will pay your house servant whose salary is also increased together with yours.

  3. Just brace for a K1000 recovery tax next year. Government increases salaries by 5% and recover a triple of whatever increase they gave you. All through the taxes they will introduce or increase.
    The value of a 10pin of today is equivalent to a 3pin of 2012.

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