Crest Lodge Doesn’t Belong To President Edgar Lungu, We Are Sorry, Says DEC

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks during the tour of Toshiba Energy Systems Keihin Operations in Tokyo,Japan on Tuesday,December 18,2018. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2018


…….as Crest Lodge is under Charles Phiri and not Edgar Lungu.

Investigative wings recently seized what they believe to be former President Edgar Lungu’s lodge in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill area.

Crest Lodge was seized under a law that allows forfeiture of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.


  1. This is either incredible incompetence or intentional stupidity meant to embarrass the government. Either way, the current government needs to clean house NOW.
    These morons will never win a case.

    • I have saying all along that Hakainde has no interest in fighting corruption. He just says it to please his white bosses. Maybe he is worried that the next government will pursue them as well. But either way, no one is going to jail for corruption. The money that PF stole will never be recovered.

      In this respect, Hakainde has duped the voters.

      Welcome to African politics.

  2. Why does DEC want to be seen to work instead of working? Always rushing to the media before doing their homework? Can they truelly make such a mistake?

  3. KIKIKIKIKIKI so funny ba DEC went in with out knowing the owner of the lodge, Now all am seen with DEC is a failure to do the work, they go seize, distab business at same ones lodge in the name of wanting to embarrass the former head of state. i think DEC need to make a public apology to the own of the lodge and the former head of state.
    these are not mistakes it is incompetence at its highest level.

  4. HH clean up your house. Property ownership of that kind, you first check with ministry of lands. So it appears they just dream and issue seizure notices. When the affected people start sueing the state, who is to pay

  5. This is gross negligence and incompetence by DEC CEO Mary Chirwa and her subordinates. What was the intention behind bringing in the name of the former President? Is this a case of just being spiteful? If I were him, I would sue them for the attempt to bring his name and that of his Presidency into disrepute.

  6. Do we have qualified investigators in our investigative wings? Honestly the embarrassments caused by these people is too much. Very quick to run to the press instead. First you go to lands and find out who the titled land belongs to. You then go on to find out who is this owner what is or was their source of income to acquire that property. Sir I am officially applying for a job as an investigator

  7. That lodge was believed to be ECL’s; he must have sold it. But DEC should have checked ownership before taking action, unless the ownership papers trail is missing, records should show Edgar owned that property at some stage

  8. Madam Chirwa must severely discipline the investigators for their incompetence and for this embarrassment brought to her. Madam start to train a new team of carefully selected astute young officers even if you have to send them for training outside. Those people you found there will continue to embarrass you like this because they are not qualified for the job they are doing. You are a good person and we want you to succeed their at DEC.

  9. We have here an institution which can only verify ownership of a property by seizing it without investigation. Someone should take out the whip and make sure that DEC does not continue to embarrass itself and the nation at large. DEC is a disgrace just bent on bringing disrepute to the corruption fight. Now it seems like they are just after ECL’s blood, which is not good for their reputation.


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