Kasonde Mwenda


Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has learnt with shock the actions of some EU embassies accredited to Zambia over the flying of the LGBTQI flags and another alleged training workshop on the same. We have been made to understand that International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia is observed on May 17.

While EFZ respects the developmental partnerships the European member states bring to Zambia and further respect the moral choice of other sovereign countries and their embassies ,it should be understood and appreciated that Zambia has not recognized these unnatural rights . Zambia is a Christian nation as enshrined in the supreme law of the land. It goes without saying, Foreign Missions whom we host in Zambia have a duty and responsibility to respect and honor our sovereignty and laws . Zambia should therefore be equally respected as a sovereign nation. LGBTQI remain illegal in Zambia and gay rights not recognized as rights but as criminal.

The actions by the EU members goes sharply against our Christian ,cultural ,religious norms of our great nation. It there is our hope as a Church mother body, that the ministry of Foreign affairs has already engaged in the EU Members. Our hope is also that government and law enforcement will also continue to educate our people on what the law says concerning LGBTQI.

We would like to take this opportunity to also encourage our members and the body of Christ in Zambia to remain resolute in upholding the tenets of Christian values and principles that the new dawn government has promised to uphold. Zambia is a Christian nation.
God bless Zambia.


  1. What you should ask yoselves in govt is :can Africans do that in Europe ?Why ?Why then allow these ppl to dictate in our own country ?Don’t allow them.Homo isn’t African but .Better polygamous than homosexuality

  2. Zambians seem to be more Christian than the people who invented organised religion. Christianity and Zambian culture are so diverse. You cannot mix the two. What maybe Zambian could be totally against Christian. Polygamy is Zambian, Christianity forbids.


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