PPP is solely burdened and financed by the Company undertaking the project, the same company does the financing and maintenance of the same project.

The same Company undertakes the maintenance of the road up until after handing over to the government after concession period, in this case 25yrs.

For the next 25yrs the road will be maintained with high policy maintenence not what we saw under your party leadership. A pothole will be worked on within 48hrs.

The road shall be handed over to the Zambian government like it was built yesterday.

It’s unfortunate that Mwamba, according to you Livingstone-Sesheke road is not an Economical Road.

My brother a failed politician should stop exposing you ignorance. You neglected the region and for your own information, Honourable Milupi never sourced for this PPP but the People of Barotseland through some of us.

This started way before UPND came into power but your party in power at the time was a pain in our and You wouldn’t have allowed it.

Now it’s the time and we have a listening government, one that listens and cares for its people and they have allowed it.

You thought you are the smart one, alas, you are not bwana and for as long as we are part and parcel of this government, we will continue uplifting the life standard of our people so they feel completely part of government.


  1. I wish I had your direct contact Hon Kangombe so that I can share with you our expectations regarding Sesheke CBD.
    Anyway what us Zambians would like to see is a town beautified and lifted to the standards of Katima in Namibia.Even when the road is done,motorists may consider continuing to use the Namibia-Botswana Corridor through Ngoma because sesheke lacks amenities which a border town should have.Eg,
    – A mall anchored by Shoprite
    – Public toilets
    – Modern market with covered stalls
    – Tarred township roads
    – Proper town planning with street lights, street names, organised ntemba layout.
    – modern bus station and taxi rank
    – the buildings including the hospital and sesheke secondary school need a fresh coat of paint.
    Most important,if I bring a vehicle through walvis Bay and am awaiting Zra clearance,I should spend the night in Sesheke and not Namibia.You need to attract investment in the hospitality industry eg Crossroads lodges or even a hotel with decent conferencing facilities. Rest assured civil servants will come all the way to host workshops and seminars and that’s good for the local economy.
    Let us see the fruits of having a youthful MP and not business as usual approach.
    I submit.

  2. There is so much arrogance, acrimony, so much antagonism and so much regionalism. The language is divisive. Although UPND is trying hard to conceal their true motives it is clear that they want to totally remove some regions from, not only the development agenda of this country. but also from the political and economic centre stage on the pretext that PF marginalised three provinces. The truth is that all regions of Zambia are still grossly under-developed and all need development programs. It will not be in the interest of national unity for UPND to discriminate on development. I am afraid to imagine what will happen after five years of UPND vindictive rule of Zambia. Unity is daily but slowly moving away from us and it is only the naive and the ignorant who yet do not see what HH’s and UPND rule is all about.

    • Where have you been for the past 10 years? Go to Luapula and count the number of universities and schools. Then go to Northern and Muchinga Provinces and count the number of new hospitals. Compare the road networks in these same places.
      When you are done, count for me the number of universities in North Western province, A province with the biggest Copper Mine in Zambia. How many new hospitals?
      What the UPND government is trying to do is to bring development equally to all provinces.
      Their policy is to develop Zambia based on needs and not political affiliation as was in pf.


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