FAZ INFORMATION CORNER: Everything you need to know about becoming an Intermediary

FAZ has been routinely inundated by inquiries of what one needs to become an intermediary.

Intermediaries, previously known as player agents, are natural or legal persons who, for a fee or free of charge, represent players and/or clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding an employment contract or represent clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding a transfer agreement”.

The role of a FIFA intermediary commonly known as football agents can be a career path for lovers of football. Not only do they trade players but also manage various aspects of a footballer’s career, who in this case is their client, in order to allow them to concentrate on professional football.

Domestically the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is authorised to issue practising licences and registering prospective FIFA intermediaries.
The FAZ Registrar Iva Lengwe sheds more light in a sit-down interview with the Media Team.

Recruitment of intermediaries by FAZ is usually done during the transfer window.
i. FAZ runs adverts on various media platforms calling on applications from those interested in becoming intermediaries.

ii. Once the adverts are run, interested individuals can apply expressing their interest. All applications must be addressed to the FAZ General Secretary.

iii. Applicants are expected to attach their curriculum vitae detailing their educational, sporting, and professional credentials.

iv. The Applications can then be sent via email or can be brought physically at Football House.

v. Assessment of applicants is done in two stages.

SELECTION CRITERIA (First level assessment).
In this stage, applicants are assessed for their:

i. Financial Stability

ii. Integrity assessment

iii. Ability to interpret football statutes.

iv. A person applying for this should not be a registered official of any football club.

Once cleared on these, shortlisted applicants proceed to the second level of assessment where they are tested.
Second level assessment

i. Sit for a written test with 20 questions to be answered in 30 minutes (the test consists of questions on general knowledge in football and basic knowledge of football statutes on player transfers).

ii. Pass mark for this test is 50%.

iii. After passing this test, participants are expected to pay an amount of K2500 within a stipulated period.

iv. They are then issued with certificates, certifying that they are eligible to work as intermediaries for one year. The certificate is renewable annually.

v. After all this, a workshop is conducted to familiarise the certified candidates with FIFA regulations on player regulations and how to work as an intermediary.

NOTE: An intermediary is registered or certified for a season, that means that intermediaries are expected to renew their licences every season.

For further details kindly get in touch with the Registrar Iva Lenge via email on: [email protected] . Mobile: +260 977 803 494


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