Friday 13th May, 2022

We are very happy that Felix Mutati, Minister of Technology and Science has openly come out and admitted that he has full knowledge of the $33 million transaction regarding the much talked about FTJ University.

Mr. Mutati in his official response to our query has indicated the company that was paid, the amounts that were paid including the dates when the money was paid. This is exactly what we have been saying that it is malicious for Charles Milupi to be accusing the Patriotic Front or any member of the Patriotic Front of impropriety in the matter of the FTJ University when in fact he is fully aware that Felix Mutati who was Minister of Finance at the time the time has all the information regarding who was paid, what was paid and when it was paid.

So Milupi and all those who want to know what happened to the $33 million should not point fingers at the PF but ask Felix Mutati because he is the one who has all the information as indicated in his formal response.

We want to reiterate that the UPND government is trying so hard to use the story of the FTJ University and other similar stories as a political ploy to sway public opinion from its fake campaign promises and the rising cost of living. The UPND Government is desperately attempting to label the PF as a corrupt political party in a bid to raise public anger and discord against the Patriotic Front.

Unfortunately for them, no amount of malice, lies and propaganda against PF and its leadership will save President Hakainde Sammy Hichilema and his UPND from the anger and frustration of the Zambians whose lives are becoming unbearable by the day due to the incompetence and failure of President Hichilema and his Government to deal with the depressing economic challenges affecting Zambians.

Issued by
Hon Given Lubinda
Acting President
Patriotic Front




  1. Is Lubinda normal? Hon Felix Mutati has just said he was it Minister if Finance vwgen those payments were made. ECL removed him to facilitate the payments, from what I figured out. How is PF vindicated? You wanted to implicate Hon Mutati, it has backfired. Mwanyala. You should refer to Tayali, he has data that the money is with some bank, even though he was not in govt

  2. Lucinda is confused. In an examination essay, we would say he misunderstood the question and therefore he thoughts are not answering the question at hand.

    • Bo Lubinda talking cleverly does not helo even if you try to justify your case with facts. Jesus said speak the truth and the truth shall set you free.
      The goodness of speaking the truth you will never forget. Truth is like old mathematics from grade 1 to 12, ( 1+1= 2; 1-1=0). But when you want to justify with your facts and want to steal the mind of many people before the judge thats when you say ” Sir 1+1 is not always 2. I did not steal but …, you PF are all criminals. You dont want to tell the nation or apologize your wrong doings so that you heal citizens but you keep on using your criminal language because you created the Consititution Court to help you to squash some of these cases. We all know it that there still bad elements in the judiciary system but all we see is we want to hear yourselves apologize to the Nation on many mistakes you did. Dont rash to the Constitution courts and demean other set up courts.

  3. Lubinda, you must a silly man, thick as two short planks and a spanner short in a tool box.
    Mutati vindicated PF, only stupid men say this and PF is full of them. Ficala

  4. Presidential material? Ba zayellow, the total sum was $33million. Hon. Mutati mentions $8.8million was paid to the Chinese contractor.What happened to the remaining $24.2million. Can you tell the ZAMBIANS how this money was shared?

  5. This is the problem with this true bastard that doesn’t even know his real father! He doesn’t even understand simple English so how can one argue with a hard core criminal; the leader of thieves and thugs.
    Lubinda didn’t understand what Mutati was saying, and I can simplify for him; he said he was fired so that Lungu and PF thieves could still the money – this is because they found it hard to steal when he was Minister of Finance. The real question is that ACC should should treat the FTJ case seriously and get it disposed pretty quickly.
    We have noted that FTJ theft case is making these PF thieves extremely uncomfortable and is one case that justifies the plunder of national coffers that HH has been saying all along.
    We want people to start being jailed now what are we waiting for when there are straight forward cases like this one.
    The King of thieves, Lubinda, will take a lead. That K550,000 case will nail him down. Idyot, bastard.

  6. Don’t expect any trial to start soon. They have gone to the Constitutional Court to challenge the legality of the Economic and Financial Crimes Court.

  7. I honestly feel embarrassed at the quick and thoughtless response by my brother here. He has misquoted and misunderstood what the Hon Minister has just said.

    The honorable Minister has just demonstrated that there was no way he could have authorised the payments because he was out of that office during that time. So he has even given the times when letter for his transfer was issued. Only after he left was the payment made by the one who took office.

    He further produced evidence that actual records from the Ministry of Finance reveal that trenches were paid out totalling to $ 33 million plus.

    This record is readily available at the ministry and having been asked to exculpate himself to the public and by default to his boss he needed to know the facts. So whats wrong with calling Ministry of Finance to find out which amounts these were.

    You guys are mute on even the payments themselves. One of your alleged paid fellows even suggested that the money is in the Chinese Bank. While the records show it was paid out and traced. Do you want to deposit it back into Ministry of Finance. How will you do this? Even returning it back to the Chinese Bank which does not make any sense to any one.

    This comedy in the PF group is getting more and more confusing. I think rest my friend let others speak for you. What you are saying is not making sense at all.

  8. In other words, Lubinda is insinuating that PF was not in government when those payments were made. He, however, has not told us who was running government at that time.

  9. That’s how thieves in government work. They try by all means to work together to try and confuse people in their responses by using words that appear like what Mutatati said exonerates them. Same tricks, all of them of playing innocence. Deep down their hearts, they know how they looted the treasury.

  10. I appeal to the close friends and relatives of Mr. Lubinda to tell him to go back to school to learn English. He should go to Monze where there are many Christian Secondary Schools so that they would even pray for him to heal.

  11. PF was still in govt, Margaret Mwanakatwe was Minister of Finance when those payments were maid. Your ploy to implicate Hon Mutati has failed. You should have requested the authorities to query Margaret Mwanakatwe who was YOUR minister of Finance.
    You will not manage to divert attention from your party and its leaders being pursued for corupt practices.
    I recall that Margaret and husband were being pursued by the CEEC when she was minisiter for unpaid loans. Did they pay back?

  12. Confirmed: a total of 33million was paid and it doesn’t matter under which thief. Also confirmed that it was meant for the FTJ and Northern Universities.

    Question:what did that money build?

    Don’t try to confuse us. We don’t care who was Minister of Finance. We just care which Party was in power

  13. Pf is confused, someone was on prime tv saying capital projects were stopped because of imf negotiations, he was trying to paint a picture that the money was not paid, he also said the 33 million was for 2 Universities so that the figure is reduced, is what is on site now worth 33 million dollar since we now know the money was paid, if note why, I suspect pf officials arranged to collect a big chunk of that money from that company. Now Mr Lubinda must know we did not vote for upnd because of the promises we just wanted pf out and to punish them we voted for the man they hated the most

  14. Shameless Wanyala Lubinda is a busket case. When this matter gets to court, Lubinda should be slapped with the charge of trying to conceal a Felony, a very serious offense!

  15. Hon. Lubinda is simply saying Hon. Mutati knows what was paid out , when and to whom it was paid. So, Hon. Mutati should be ready to provide evidence of where the money went. As the law student Hon. Lubinda has been, he is simply being legalistic in his comment. Do not think he is stupid. He is smart.

  16. In short, how can Hon. Mutati claim all this was happening after he left Ministry of Finance? Where did he get the detail of the figures and dates? Would he therefore not know where the money went to? That would be the line of pursuit for investigators and prosecutors, alike.


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