Edgar Lungu

National Restoration Party (NAREP) Secretary General Ezra Ngulube says Former President Edgar Lungu needs Alaginzi (Counsellor) to advise him in the new role as the father of the nation as he is the only surviving Former Head of State that we have in Zambia.

Mr Ngulube stated this in response to the call made by the former head of state who is on record saying that he is ready to have his immunity removed as he is ready to answer any call from any investigating wing.

“Why should the PF members and Members of Parliament try to stop the former head of state? The big man is ready, so let us respect him and allow him to answer the call for himself and his family quietly,” he said

He added that it is very disappointing to see that the Patriotic Front (PF) which is the former ruling party cry foul whenever the investigating wings call upon its members to answer some questions with regards to the wealth accumulated during the 10 years they have been in power.

Mr Ngulube cited the need to bear in mind that the previous positions which were held by the PF were not private positions but public offices which demand accountability to the people of Zambia, therefore, there’s no civil servant who is being sent by anybody, not even the office of the President to come and investigate anybody but it’s the people of Zambia that are calling for accountability from both the current and previous government officials.

“The PF must stop abusing the people of Zambia,” he said

“Indeed, whenever the people of Zambia call for accountability from the current government and also from the leaders that served in the previous government, it doesn’t mean we are witch hunting, neither does it mean the President has sent anyone to investigate you,” he stated

Mr Ngulube highlighted that as for the former first lady Esther Lungu, there is no way to say that the President of Zambia has sent investigative wings to go and investigate her for this just shows how the PF used to rule in the previous government.

Mr Ngulube has since advised the former first lady and others that whenever they are called upon by the investigative wings, they answer that call quietly.

“The DEC, Police and other investigative units have the mandate to enforce the law,” he said

He said that there is no need for the former first lady to get agitated and scared if she is clean and did not steal.

He added that it’s very important for Mrs Lungu to answer the call quietly and be accountable to the people of Zambia because they are the ones that gave her an opportunity to serve and preside over national resources.

“Stop abusing other people’s children to escort you to DEC or the Police in this cold season just answer the call quietly mama and if you are clean there’s nothing to worry about, why should you cry to other People’s children to escort you?” he said

Mr Ngulube who is also UPND Alliance Media Committee Member highlighted this in a statement issued to the media.


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