Fred M’membe Reports Cornelius Mweetwa To Police For Using Kambwili To Spread Hate Speech


By Dr Fred M’membe


On Monday between 10 and 14 hours I watched Mr. Cornelius Mweetwa hold a press conference. that press conference at government complex which was streamed live on various platforms. He confessed that he worked well with Mr. Chishimba Kambwili to issue tribal remarks so that the then president Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu could be hated by the people and be brought down.

This is a self confession by Mr. Mweetwa of being party to Mr. Kambwili’s hate speeches for which he was charged, arrested, prosecuted and convicted by the courts of law. Confessing to be a party to this crime necessitates that Mr. Mweetwa be similarly charged, arrested and prosecuted for the same crime Mr. Kambwili was convicted for.

Mr. Mweetwa as Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, chief government spokesperson and ruling UPND chief spokesperson he is not above the law and does not enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution which is only enjoyed by a sitting president.

Mr. Mweetwa has confessed to promoting, encouraging and abetting tribalism, ethnic divisions and hatred. And on Tuesday the 13th of February 2024 Mr. Mweetwa is reported to have phoned Mr. Innocent Phiri, a journalist with KBN television to help him kill the story of his confession and promised him to be paid for that. This is also in itself a crime of bribery.

I therefore, as a responsible citizen and in line with my professional and citizen duties report Mr. Mweetwa to the police so that he can be prosecuted for the crimes stated above.

I hope and pray that the police will favourable respond to my complaint.


  1. Serious comedy going on here!

    We have some serious issues to deal with as a nation but spend so much time on unnecessary issues which can be just dealt with maturely.

  2. The Rule of Law must prevail on Mweetwa!
    He together with other unknown tribalists should be joined to the charges CK was convicted for!
    This is the second damaging confession by Cornelius! First, he confessed to sponsoring confusion in PF and now he confesses to the crime of tribal hate speech.
    With these confessions, we can conclude as follows:

    1. Cornelius and UPND were also behind the abduction of the Hatembos to frame others.

    2. Cornelius and UPND were behind the gassings since UPND has been so reluctant to identify and prosecute those behind the vice.

    3. Cornelius and UPND were behind the burning of Markets across the country in order to bring down ECL.

    4. Cornelius and UPND were beneficiaries from Forest 27 and the fact that they did not follow up on their word to demolish those structures, it means they are part of the rot!

    These and many more issues are what we can read into the damaging and shockiconfessions by Cornelius.
    This means UPND obtained political power by false pretenses!
    They are nothing but a mirror image of PF, a Criminal organization!
    Only people without Discipline and Moral compus can openly, proudly and foolishly confess to such heinous crimes!
    Prepare to leave office in 2026 and know that you are going to jail when your time to move out comes.
    Prepare adequately!

    • Imagination is fascinating. The question to ask you is , can you provide the evidence to what you are stating? Or you want to be dramatic.

      This too is on the deep end of unrealistic thinking, because while you are at it we may as well then blame him for the Ukraine war and Gaza wars. It’s ridiculously unfair.

      Let’s not fly away with unrealistic imagination. Agreed the statement issued was very misleading and in bad taste. But to heap a bunch of unresolved crimes on the individual is very unwarranted and a waste of time.

      Objectivity and logic should guide platforms like this.

  3. Ba Membe akabututu emo kaba, nomba balaimweneshamo. Kalya akabupuba! When you misunderstand a statement, you can do yourself a favor by not displaying your illiteracy and ignorance before men in uniform, the bench and the citizens in general. Ati ba president? Amafi fye! STUPID IDIOT.


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