Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula with KK

By Chisanga Mukuka the Historian

Harry mwaanga Nkhumbula was Zambia’s first known nationalist leader it’s safe to say he’s among the pioneers if not the pioneer of Zambian politics.

While studying in the UK, Nkhumbula found himself in the circles of Pan-Africanists like Kwameh Nkhrumah, Hastings Banda, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, seretse Khama among others.

He joined Northern Rhodesia African Congress (NRAC )which was under the leadership of Goldwin Lewanika and took over its leadership & changed its name to ANC.

Nkhumbula became very active in fighting the colonial administration he even invested money in businesses in order to fund his Anti-Colonial activities.

He became a threat to the imperialists after he burned down the infamous white paper that drafted the unification of Nyasaland , Northern and Southern Rhodesia to create one country, The federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

In trying to block the federation, citizens from Northern and Southern provinces heed to Nkhumbula’s campaigns against the federation, they contributed money to send a delegation to the UK to persuade the UK government not to Unify the three colonies.

The delegation was headed by Nkhumbula, and comprised of Paramount chief Chitimukulu, senior chief musokotwane, Kamuzu Banda, Robinson Nabulyato, & Lawrence katilungu.

Even though that attempt failed to stop the Unification, Nkhumbula continued with the fight against Colonialism.

It was under the leadership of Harry mwaanga Nkhumbula that firebrands like Kenneth Kaunda, Simon mwansa kapwepwe and many others were inspired to join the fight against Colonialism under the African National Congress.

Many remember Harry nkhumbula when he joined UNIP and made the famous Choma Declaration in 1973, which killed the ANC in Zambia. Even in UNIP he continued to fight for freedom, he was against one party rule.


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