HH Is Determined To Turn Zambia Into Anti-china Outpost To Please His Western Masters- Davies Chama



Former Defence minister Davies Chama has charged that President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration are very determined to be used by the west to turn Zambia into an anti-China outpost in Africa, when the nation should be pursuing the development of relations with all for development.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Chama said the tweet by the head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has never been denied by the President that that the United States was trying to consolidate its influence on the Zambian government, saying that that was why people were asserting that the UPND administration is a puppet government of western administrations.

He said the events that have taken place including the memorandum of understandings signed, including the establishment of the AFRICOM office in the United States Embassy in Zambia, all went to show that “indeed president Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government are projecting the western influence against what Africa and Zambia have always stood for.”

“So it’s not surprising that the US Treasury secretary is coming to Zambia, and we have never heard Treasury Secretary of the United States of America ever visiting Zambia. I think this will be the first time,” Chama said.

But asked on the argument that the country needed cooperating partners in various spheres of national development, Chama said those in the western world have never been known to help African countries get out of poverty.

“Where have they helped anybody? Don’t be deceived… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hh-is-determined-to-turn-zambia-into-anti-china-outpost-to-please-his-western-masters-charges-chama/


  1. Why this show of loyalty to China by PF bigwigs? China has not complained about these statement but PF has been very vocal about it.

    What is it that they owe China that they have assumed the role of the devil’s advocate?

  2. The pf got too much from china and china got too much from pf. Now we have nkongole for days all because of this pf Chinese cohabitation. You see how finished this country was under pf. Pf big wigs stinking rich cz of china and they are the same people hating on the west.

  3. PF are determined to destroy the relationship which exists between China and the government they know if the debt is restructured the government will succeed economically thats why you see all these statements.
    The plan is to ensure China who own the bulk of the debt PF accrued does not play along in order for the economy to remain stagnat.wisdom.

  4. This calls for wisdom the government must act fast and ensure they are smart about this neutral relationship between East and west and a quick visit to Beijing will not be a bad idea quick thinking and being smart is key when dealing with criminal minds.

  5. PF was pro China, UPND is championing neutrality, in being pro China PF even chased the US ambassador to Zambia, today they are trying to show neutrality, this is pretence. There is only one reason PF went to bed so deeply with china. It is filling their personal pockets by abusing Chinese loans

  6. No county is an island hence Zambia is supposed to interact with either west or eastern side of the world. Why should the fallen regime cause confusion with their reckless statements which might cause friction. The minister of home affairs must take charge and warn these mwankole’s before it us too late.

  7. Chama the dull ex Defence Minister, How did China help you get out of poverty in the last 10 years? By the when are you jailing this chap?? No wonder he is making noise you allowed him to go scot free


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