Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa


Hakainde Hichilema is a dictator, nobody coughs or sniffs in UPND, former UPND alliance member Lucky Mulusa has charged.

And Mulusa has charged that Technology and Science minister and MDC leader Felix Mutati rides on people’s backs to escort him to particular personal achievements and then he moves on while dumping those who help him get there.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Mulusa who recently resigned as secretary general from the UPND aligned MDC, was asked on his impression of President Hichilema and the UPND in general, during the time he worked with them. Responding, Mulusa said “Hichilema is a dictator in UPND.”

“He’s a dictator. Nobody coughs, nobody sniffs…


  1. Hunger is talking ! Poverty can reduce any man’s thinking to zero ! To think that such a specimen even made it to a level of a minister under the pathetic Fools is really regrettable!

  2. Mulusa go to hail. Your noise on HH is like a bottle of juice poured in the ocean. People don’t even know you. We’re in the new dawn. Everything is new papa. You will talk and talk but the people will never listen to you. This time around people don’t like politicians with hate speech. It’s done and it’s over

  3. Yes. HH should be tough with his upnd colleagues so as to keep them in check. For as long as the people of Zambia see the fruits of his good leadership, he can be a dictator in his own party but steers the country to the appeasement of the people, there is no problem.

    He is being tough to keep caderism and corruption away from the public and that is good. That is why the people voted for him. You thought he would allow you to eat mwibala like it was last time, wailasha.

    HH is another. Those of you who went there to eat will all run away but he will remain with the people of Zambia behind him.

  4. Chap wanted to be calling the shots but alas.

    Mulusa is the one with dictatorial know it all tendance since his secondary school days. He was dating a daughter to some English teacher it made him pompous

    Mr. Man start your own party or church. On Mutati you re point on

  5. With this kind of rotten brains, Zambia will take more years to find credible opposition. I agree what is talking now is hunger, jobs expectations not achieved and mungulu fye.

  6. Ask yourself what can you do for the country and not what the country should do for you. HH made his wealth outside politics through hard work and discipline. Every opposition chap that made their lot in Government cant survive without appointments. When appointments dont materialize the end result is bitterness. All Zambians that mean well are fully behind H.H.
    We would rather have dictator like kagame with the Economic growth of Rwanda than indiscipline with Zero direction like Mulusa

  7. Mulusa u expected a job wailasha this is y u are venting your anger Ati dictator wabawiso. You failure go and make your own party . You had joined the alliance with intentions now they are not working and u start showing displaced aggression. Just stay home and go back to the drawing board for plan B regarding your politics.

  8. Very correct Mr. Mulusa at least your realization did not come too late. You have escaped the dictatorial tendencies! Why should an old man like Milupi dance to dictatorship! Unless you are a dull man! Congratulations Mr. Mulusa you are not like Mutati who has no courage! Courageus men always have independent minds! Don’t bother insults from praise singers, they are all Tongas. I know Tongas in and out, they always support their fellow Tongas! Strange tribe indeed. But Zambians have known them now.


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