President Peter Mutharika

The Lilongwe High Court has ordered Sheriffs to seize property worth about K22 million belonging to former President Peter Mutharika and former secretary to the government, Lloyd Muhara, for failing to pay legal costs.

The two were found guilty of forcing Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and Justice of Appeal Edward Twea to go on leave pending retirement and were ordered to shoulder legal costs put at K69 million.

However, a seizure order making rounds issued by Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda dated May 4, 2021, at Lilongwe High Court Registry shows that the two only managed to pay K47 million, and now face sheriffs for the remainder of the money.

Mutharika and Muhara, were on March 12, 2021, ordered to pay K69.5 million in legal fees to lawyers representing Malawi Law Society, Human Rights Defenders Coalition, and Association of Magistrates in Malawi.PeterMuhara-1


  1. I see this history or something similar to it repeating itself somewhere else kuli balya njikwite.

  2. One cannot fail to understand why crooks do not want to leave office, if your hands are clean, you simply leave like bena Kikwete.


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