We read with interest what RPP President Mr James Lukuku also (opposition alliance spokesperson) had to say about NAREP President Stephen Nyirenda’s stance on political violence involving The UPND. Mr Lukuku should desist from using the opposition alliance to pursue his personal agenda or please his masters. RPP is a political party that should be able to stand on its own feet propagating its own agenda. We as NAREP will not waste our valuable time responding to individuals with questionable character.

In response to UPND Monze MP, Hon Jack Mwiimbu’s allegations against NAREP, we want to state categorically that we fully support our president’s statement that UPND is one of the oldest opposition political parties in Zambia and is directly participating in ruling Zambia through its representatives in council chambers and parliament. Hon Mwiimbu represents Monze where all councilors are UPND – can he point at one basic example of a single ward that has been developed using their so called connections and management skills, a ward that UPND can use as a prototype of how they would develop Zambia if given the mandate to run the affairs of the country. What is there to expect from an MP who has allowed an Agricultural hub of only about 200,000 people to be begging for relief food.

We want to remind Hon Mwiimbu that development should not only happen when one is in state house, NO! Not all development has to be initiated or delivered by the central government. For Hon Mwiimbu to say that they depend on central government for funding for them to develop their constituencies is a joke, lack of seriousness and visionary leadership just like their counterparts the PF! As NAREP women, we know from our simple survey that Hon. Mwiimbu is he himself not a people person who can engage with the people but thrives on casting aspersions on those that are a threat to his continued hold on the constituency. As a matter of fact, besides his legal contribution to UPND, there is nothing we can see tangible from the honourable MP.

We are fully aware of constitutional provisions that mandate the central government to deliver development. The constitution has not stopped anyone to identify projects and lobby funding for the same, but this can only be done by leaders who have a heart for the people. With all the land, the youthful human resource in thousands right in his backyard, Hon Mwiimbu and the UPND have guts place all the blame the central government for their failure to realise development. Our humble advice to hon Jack Mwiimbu of the UPND is that the he has overstayed as MP. It’s now time for new energy, youthful energy, new people with new ideas and solutions to not only represent Monze, but to inspire development.

The Honorable has done his part in his capacity and interest and must be respected and appreciated in that regard. This is the best he can do in all the years he has been an MP for Monze! NAREP will never be a surrogate of any political party, whether UPND or PF. NAREP shall otherwise interact with political parties that are bringing not only progressive ideas to the table but also practising them for the good of the Zambians. Leaders of the likes of Hon Jack Mwiimbu have failed to inspire! Mr. Mwimbu must desist from dragging Zambia’s hope in President Nyirenda into his politics of mudslinging. Mr. Nyirenda is a leader with his own plans for Zambia and must not be expected to be a praise singer for anyone whether ruling or opposition. He shall continue to call things by their known name at any forum, and this we know the Hon is aware. The president’s comment on Prime TV is a candid and experience driven professional observation that Mr. Mwiimbu also understands but maliciously choose to malign.

We wish to render timely warning to Hon, Mwiimbu that the people of Monze Central will soon be tired of his empty promises and inconvertible leadership. NAREP through a visionary Leadership of one Stephen Nyirenda has already started rolling out ideas for the youth, that includes those of Monze Central constituency.

Lastly, we the NAREP women call on all well-meaning women and youths in Zambia and in the diaspora, to rally behind true leadership that is visionary, has integrity, is able to inspire, plan and deliver meaningful development. Zambia is for Zambians, and will only be developed by Zambians.

NAREP – Women’s League.

CC: NAREP President, NAREP Vice President, NAREP Secretary General, NAREP Spokesperson, NAREP Media Team.


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