I’M NOW SLEEPING IN THE STREETS … It’s a very difficult period for me, claims Bowman

Kabushi member of parliament Bowman Lusambo says he is now spending his nights in the streets and in the car, but boasted that his seized Chamba Valley house is better than “some chicken run in New Kasama.”

But asked on the ongoing renovations happening at his previous residence where he resided before moving to the now seized house, in the same Chamba Valley area, Lusambo said people could not expect his life to be at a standstill just because President Hakainde…


  1. Bola bet yakosa … Kikikiki
    You promised to give away your house. Why are you complaining now just because your bet went the wrong way?

    • In fact let him sell the perfume to that stupid former Agriculture Minister who claimed to have bought $600,000 maize from Chitotela.

      By the way, nothing is bad about the streets for this fool, he has just been sent back to his original place where he belongs without dipping his long theft fingers in our money.

  2. Reality is finally setting in. You foul mouthed Arsewhore should learn to behave yourself not always insulting HH who has not anything wrong against you. Chill out for a while until you pay all your debts and bring back the money you stole. HH is serious on Asset Recovery. Very soon, the Judgement is coming that will strip you off of your constituency. Watch the space malume!!

  3. Lusambo should even thank God he can freely sleep in the streets. At least he’s breathing fresh air and he’s able to stretch his body all he like.
    Fact is that’s not where we expect him to be after stealing so much.
    It’s unfortunate the gang leader is a well documented state asset’s privatisation criminal.
    If not all these pompwes would have been inside secured confinements.

  4. The president is being called a well documented state assets privatisation criminal. This person must be well connected or he or she must be a big wig to call the president that. Anyway we wait see for how long he will be called that.

  5. This is not good for Lusambo.

    He can not even go and live with Mercy.

    Hakainde is prepared to give you residency… any jail. This is where you belong.

  6. Point 1
    2?8 lies is an assh0le and a PF sympathiser
    Point 2
    Lusambo is from the streets and so called living on the street, not true, just call Mumbi Phiri, the PF bed warmer and go and stay with her. Better than that is to go and stay with your beloved father, the king of corruption bwana Edgar chagwa “thug” Lungu

  7. Which street? I want to come and pour cold water on you.
    You are so obssessed with HH’s intelligence and wealth that it is killing you slowly. You will never be in his league. He made his money without working in govt. You won “the lottery” when ECL uplifted you from Kabushi. ECL is your fello thief, he stole first from a widow, then started stealing from us through you party caders.
    HH has a proper education trail, that helps in analytical thinking. He is also a genuine christian, does not stand on top of a hill to show off his wealth or to show he is praying or to show his generosity or his intelligence. Nobody knew that he had helped the Chitimukulu when Sata and Luo were persecuting him (the chief is the one who revealed this after HH became president).
    Thats why he can afford to be calm in spite of severe provocation. At that press conference, me i am angry that he showed very little anger towards Nakachinda,You and Lubinda. Why do you think Davis Chama,Sunday Chanda, Brian Mundubile, Miles Sampa are not talking rubbish like you? They are not in your league of dunder heads; they are actually in HH’s league in terms of intelligence and conduct.

  8. Am told this LEAGUE OF DUNDER-HEADS comprises likes of: Bowman Lusambo, Raphael Nakachinda, Given Lubinda, Nickson Chilangwa…..Ooh before i forget this fornteen; Chilufya Tayali.

  9. Sleep wherever you can find space. You will be fine. Couple weeks you were boasting you are living in your house. We are tired hearing from you.


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