Former Works and Supply minister Sylvia Chalikosa has defended Jean Kapata’s insults, describing them as “amalumbo.”

Speaking with Daily Revelation on former Lands minister Kapata’s insults when she said to PF member Kelvin Mwaba to go and tell Chishimba Kambwili “chikala chakwe. Na iwe wine chikala chobe”, Chalikosa said she did not support the rubbish of men trying to impose themselves on the women.

“Of course you know I don’t support such rubbish. So I am not going to give you a story, you can say ifyofine. Such rubbish from the male counterparts who think that because they are stronger than the female gender they can throw their weight around,” Chalikosa said.

But put to her that it was her fellow female Central Committee member who uttered the insult and not the men, Chalikosa said: “Nangu batukane, malumbo. You see when you are provoked beyond limit you react. Elo imwe mwe baume ngamulenwa ubwalwa you call each other all that you don’t get offended (Even men when they are drinking they call each other those names but they don’t make an issue out of it). So what is the big deal? Ba HH balitukene pabantu…


  1. Give them the freedom of speech, they will come out and show you exactly who they are. The big question for the voters is are these guys really leadership material?? From now going on, people should really check who they are voting for it doesn’t matter whether in opposition or rulling party.

  2. If some women & men insult their spouses and enjoy that kind of life then it’s ok as far as they do that to their families.The problem is when you insult somebody outside your family circles.There are some ladies who would accept being beaten rather than being insulted.Why does Sylvia Chalikosa confuse non Bembas that insults are Bembas’way of appreciating pipo ?Amalumbo mucibemba tamwaba umwaume ukulumbula icamfwalo ca mwanakashi n vice versa.Some of the words which common pipo use should not come from pipo of ex or current Minister status.It is simply not right.Even cimbuya takwaba ukutuka opposite sex no no,it’s silly.Let us be honest as leaders.No wonder why Africa can not develop.Most leaders are jokers.They smile instead of frowning and frown instead of smiling.They do the opposite all the time.Don’t mislead young pipo n non Bembas.It is only an idiot who can insult a person in the public , not even couples .

  3. Just imagine if Kambwili was to answer back and use the Bemba word for the female genital part to refer to Chalikosa and Kapata. Would Chalikosa simply brush it aside as “amalumbo”? Ba Chalikosa nemwe muli ba Chitongo, tamwafundwa. Do you even have children to be publicly justifying this uncouth behaviour? If you do, you should actually be ashamed of yourself. What lesson are you giving to your own and so many other children? If Hichilema also said it, this does not make it right. As leaders, Chalikosa, Kapata, Hichilema and other leaders should learn to be exemplary in words and deeds.

  4. Iyeee aba Bamayo, may God deliver you. These are people who support children insulting each in the name of amalumbo. Shame

  5. Wisdom is not very common. For many profess to have it only to be exposed empty tins when the open their mouths.

    You can not make sense out of nonsense. So guess this is stupid right in the face.

  6. It’s not all about Amalumba , it is about diginity and respect in a Christian nation. The point is lets resist from using insults in public even when we are pushed to the limit .The issue of bringing the presidency in any trivial issue must come to an end . For your information, in case you do not know this is highest position in the land and hence must be held with high esteem. You can refer or talk about the Minister in charge not the presidency


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