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Journalist recounts trauma after being spat on by Chiengi MP

TIMES of Zambia photojournalist has told the Lusaka magistrates Court that he was left traumatized when spitting Chiengi member of parliament Given Katuta and her abettors ganged up on him and harassed him demanding that he deletes her pictures.

Henry Chunza said Katuta referred to him as a son of a dog and spat saliva on him for taking pictures of her at parliament after she was ejected from the chamber by the speaker for her incivility.

Katuta is charged with threatening violence and common assault for harassing Chunza and spitting on him

Testifying before magistrate Idah Phiri, Chunza narrated that On July 21, 2023, he and his colleague Chusa Sichone were assigned by their editor Andrew Sakala to cover parliamentary proceedings.

He said on the date in question, Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti suspended Katuta from the house for seven days due to dishonourable conduct and asked her to take a walk of shame.

Chunza said he positioned himself at the door immediately it was opened by the sergeant at arms to capture the moment.

Chunza narrated that immediately Katuta saw him she charged at him asking who had sent him to work against her.

He said Kututa ordered him to get rid of her images as she shouted “wemwana wambwa iwe”(you son of a dog).

“When she saw me getting pictures of her she pointed a finger at me whilst shouting who are you? why are you getting pictures of me ? Who has sent you to come and get pictures of me ?
She shouted at me she said you son of a dog can you delete pictures of me from that camera,”Chunza recounted.

He said due to fear he decided to escape from the lawmaker and they engaged in a cat and mouse race.

Chunza said in hot pursuit the enraged Katuta gleeked at him liked a spitting cobra.

“She continued pointing at me because of fear I started running down stairs as I was going downstairs she was on top she continued with abusive language upon me, she was chasing me and spat saliva on me whilst saying you son of a dog in bemba, delete those pictures of me,” he narrated.

He said immediately Katuta who is also a clergywoman spat on him he reduced his speed to clean himself of the stinky saliva and Katuta got hold of him with the help of Chawama member of parliament Tasila Lungu whom he came to recognise after the women managed to have the pictures deleted.

Chunza said Katuta and her friends ganged up on him and harassed him.

“She (Katuta) harassed me and wanted to get the camera from me so that she could delete the pictures. It was at this point that other people joined her trying to get the camera from me I couldn’t remember anyone because I was traumatized,” Chunza said.

He told the Court that a police officer came to his rescue as the women’s clamour caught the attention of onlookers.

“A police officer came to my rescue grabbed the camera from me and kept it safe. She tried to get the camera from a police officer, said Chunza.

“The group came to the security office pounced on me and demanded to delete photos from the camera among them was Chawama MP (Tasila Lungu) I saw her when they were leaving. They deleted the photos and Chusa reported the matter to the police.”

In his testimony Chusa who is the acting chief reporter at Times of Zambia confirmed witnessing Katuta harass and spit on Chunza.

“After honorable Katuta was told to take a walk of shame by the speaker, I asked Henry to take pictures of honorable Katuta immediately the sergeant at arms opens the door to the chamber around 09: 15 hours. Upon hon Katuta seeing Henry taking pictures of her, she did not take kindly what Henry had done,”

“She started shouting at him. She demanded that Henry deletes the pictures he had captured of her. In a feat of rage Katuta continued charging at Henry sensing danger I instructed Henry to run downstairs. As he was running downstairs to the ground floor Hon Katuta could not get hold of him because he was very quick. She spat on him as he was running downstairs.”

Sichone said he reported the matter to the police after Chunza was harassed and had his pictures deleted.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Kalemba January 12, 2024.


  1. MP kattuta my numble advise to is to the complaint and make peace with them otherwise you will be jailed like Mwewa due to cheek na power.Goand plead for him to withdraw the said case and pay him ,that how such cases are resolved

  2. The story could have captured the response from Katuta as well to balance the picture, l thought that is how reporting is done


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