Music Promoter Bwalya Kalandanya has started legal processes of suing the opposition PF over K13.5 million which the party never paid him for the services he did for them.

Will this mark the end of the PF as it will be rendered bankrupt? .


  1. The agreement was : “If we win”. Thats why you were irritatting and annoying people by singing “Alebwelepo pa Mpando”. You even dared God by singing “Ni Lesa Wamusalila Sorry”. That was the agreement:’ If we win”. Now that the song did not deliver you lose. Lesa had his own plans. Try to claim from HH. Kikiki!!! Just say we meant “You HH” as “Ni Lesa Wamusalile Sorry!!!” Assuming you mentioned him in your songs – Kikiki
    Remember PF does not have access to GRZ cash to steal now. Its bankrupt!!! Clear loss!!!
    I can just imagine if PF won all this money paid to musicians just for irritating citizens with lousy songs.

  2. Drama!! Secret Ku bed mummy!! It’s a dog eat dog type of gangsta life. Who ever thought this could happen?

    By the look of things these guys will finish themselves. Things are crumbling fast.

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