By Koswe Editors
Senior Chief tribalist Chishimba Kambwili has been badly beaten by his own supporters while in Police custody, Kasama, Northern Province.

Kambwili who is well known for his promoting tribal war in Zambia has been in detention as there is overwhelming evidence that he wants Zambians to rise against each other.

Today, he went to court to seek bail pending appeal and later posted on his Facebook that he is ready for 2026.

It was at this stage that he angered his supporters who begun kicking him from right, left, back and front with uncaring messages.

Several of his supporters stated that they are happy to see Kambwili in jail as his mouth diarrhoea was venomous enough to even break marriages brought together and never knew tribal nonsense.

Attached is a snippet of how the Senior Chief tribalist Chishimba Kambwili is being beaten and we understand that immediately he survives this one which we doubt because laws are clear on anyone wanting to divide Zambians on tribal lines, he will go in for telling lies to a public officer as he told the world that Bowman Lusambo killed Obed Kasongo.

In the Obed Kasongo case: Senior Chief tribalist Chishimba Kambwili after being paid 1.8 million Kwacha by Lusambo he decided to change his position and said he is not aware of what he was saying on the video recording.-



  1. Kapyanga openly called for killing of roaches that entered mpika and muchinga the so called bedroom.

    Wasn’t that an assault on the state unity and it’s security.? What would have happened if everyone declared their ancestral home place a no go area but killing field for anyone who entered there?

    Bring kapyanga to court to account for his utterances. That was callous and dangerous. Indeed mpika became the most viciously dangerous place for the opposition in the whole country. Even the media stations were raided because of voices of opposition that were being projected from there. All because of kapyanga and his militia.

    The same people would follow radio stations in Kasama to attack the journalists and opposition. We need healing and to put a stop to such politics.

    Mp kapyanga should be summoned by the police and video evidence is available

  2. Don’t we have Patriots in Kasama to report the other Tribalists as well?
    Can someone in Chilubi Island report Nkandu Luo also. Let’s round up all tribalists so that we are not accused of targeting an individual!
    We hope CK is reading the feedback from the Zambian youths who are predominantly under the age of 40.
    They are not interested in politicians who promote tribal hate speech! CK is preaching the wrong message to the wrong electorates.
    Let’s expand this crusade and bring other tribalists to book.
    Chilubi Island, we await your action on Nkandu Luo! Kasama, Kapyanga must go in also! Kazungula, get Bizwell and his fellow thugs in.
    Let’s not treat tribalism with kid gloves. You have seen how some lost hope and almost committed suicide because of tribal hate speech. Some unfortunately succeeded!
    We must never allow this Cancer of Tribalism to ever show it’s ugly head!
    Suffer not a tribalists to get away with murder!
    Chilubi Island, we are waiting for you! Someone must take Ulendo by night!
    Never leave an enemy behind!
    All tribalists must be treated as enemies of the State, enemies of Zambia!

  3. This is the other trade mark of Tongas, ubufi. This is a fake story. The few Tongas I came close with during my short in government were terrible liars. They liked lying, and it’s very typical of them. They are also staunch tribalists who have so much hate for other tribes except Lozis! The other trade mark for Tongas is crookedness. They are very good at that. So leave Kambwili alone, he’s not a tribalist, he just come into the open to tell Tongas that they are tribalists! How’s that an offence? People have lost interest in this government because of persecution of opposition and lies told to the people last year. So no hope for Upnd!

    • @Mandanda, you are clearly a tribalist who hates people from Southern Province, just like your sponsor Kambwili. From what you post, which I’ve read on several occasions, it is very clear that you’re sponsored by Kambwili, and your task is to scandalize our brothers and sisters from Southern Province and to make Kambwili look like an innocent angel. Seriously, do you think we are that dumb and we will be swayed by self-centered chaps like yourself and Kambwili?

      We are one Zambia one Nation, you need to stop your hate speeches, we are not interested and we will not allow shallow minded chaps like yourself and Kambwili to drag 1000 years backwards, with your useless tribalism.



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