Kambwili has exhausted everything on his plate- Mampa


Kambwili has exhausted everything on his plate, says Mampa

By Oliver Chisenga

CHISHIMBA Kambwili has given himself up for hire, UPND member Happy Mampa has charged.

He has warned against taking Kambwili seriously, describing the former Roan member of parliament as “a political clown who is easily moved by material things”.

Mampa recalled how Kambwili misled Zambians through his vocal outbursts and criticism of Edgar Lungu and the PF regime.

“Kambwili by all means should shut up and allow the UPND government work. As much as all Zambians have the right to speak, Kambwili has exhausted everything on his plate, that’s why he is now, just like prior to the 2021 elections, is talking about tribalism,’’ Mampa said in a statement. ‘’The man does not have anything new to say. If you listen to his style of politics, it’s empty. Zambians trusted him to be their saviour but because of his greed, he switched back to the PF for a price … the story is well known.”

Mampa said Kambwili’s inconsistent political standing saw him abandon his party, the National Democratic Congress, which was doing well and a hope to many Zambians when the PF regime under Lungu would stop at nothing to attack whoever spoke against its brutal governance style.

He further recalled that Kambwili, who later teamed up with then opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND in an alliance in an effort to “liberate” Zambia, spoke for the voiceless.

“The former political heavyweight, now tired and retired politician honourable Chishimba Kambwili is a comedian and political clown. Kambwili above all is the chief tribalist who has for some time now transgressed against the Zambian laws regarding tribalism. Don’t be surprised if the law visits this loud mouthed tired politician and he will have himself to blame,’’ Mampa said. ‘’Ba Kambwili was one person who suffered so much at the hands of the PF regime to an extent of undressing both his wife and daughter but because of his selfish interests, lack of direction and focus he went back to his vomit.”

Mampa further remembered how Kambwili on various television and radio interviews told Zambians to refer to him as a “lunatic” if he went back to the PF.

“He told us to regard him as a lunatic if he went back to the PF, stating that he was a principled man, but which principles was he talking about? Today he even has the audacity to condemn and castigate NGOCC, condemn the women and organisations that stood for him when his wife, our mother, was stripped naked by the cadres in uniform disguised as the police,’’ said Mampa. ‘’That was pure police brutality. His daughter was left half naked by the police and the same NGOCC he is condemning today spoke against the brutality on his family. Mr Kambwili, the Zambian people are not as dull as you think.”


  1. He has become the most useless politician of our time, people can even take muliokela seriously because there is consistency in his madness, not this one whose brain turns three hundred and sixty degrees each time he sees a helicopter

  2. This fat corrupt ignorant baboon is still alive…..damn…..I thought he was living with satan….soon to be joined by lungu……and PF……damn fat a$$hole


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