State House has advised the opposition Patriotic Front not to drag the name of President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA into their internal party affairs.

State House Chief Communication Specialist CLAYSON HAMASAKA says President HICHILEMA has no interest in a party which he defeated with a landslide victory in 2021.

In a statement issued to ZNBC News , Mr. HAMASAKA has advised senior PF leader EMMANUEL MWAMBA not to drag the President’s name in internal party matters.

Mr. HAMASAKA says even the call by Mr. MWAMBA for mass protests will not make sense because PF was overwhelmingly rejected in the last general elections.

He adds that the PF only held a genuine convention in 2011 before the general elections and the rest have been selections where democracy was not followed.

Mr. HAMASAKA says what is currently happening in PF is nothing new as the former ruling party is known for elections where people with more violence win.


  1. Hakainde’s imingalato gone sour. Illegalities and immorality on full display. The National Assembly, the Courts and the Police in disarray… Talk of the Registrar of Societies!
    Who is the Commander in Chief of our Defence forces? Who can allow armoured Police vehicles at Mulungushi Conference for Miles Sampa’s illegal assembly? And on a gazetted Holiday ? Who is permitting the Provision of State Security for Miles Sampa? Who is making Speaker Nellie Mutti look like a deranged fool in Parliament with outrageous rulings and appointments.
    Hamasaka , don’t bring that bla bla bla noise to us. The Miles Sampa case has all the hallmarks of Hakainde. It is him and him alone responsible for the mess this useless imingalato is causing in the country.
    But it has exposed him, and he has lost all the credibility regarding democracy, respect of rule of law, and Constitutionalism. People now know who he is . A tyrant and Tinpot Dictator, who has no respect for our multi party democracy and democratic Institutions.

  2. HH can be a tyrant and a tinpot dictator, I.e. according to Mr. Ndola-Lusaka road of shame, but he can’t be more tyrannical and dictatorial than Lungu. Lungu tear-gassed UNZA, Community House, he killed Mapenzi Chibulo, Nsama Nsama, Joseph Kaunda, Lawrence Banda and many others. Two years after losing power, prisons are still congested with people he was arresting. In his last two weeks he pardoned a number of prisoners who were serving death sentences in Mukobeko which himself had arrested. Media houses were closed even up rooting print machines at the Post Newspaper. Time and space cannot allow me to mention all the horrible atrocities which we’re committed under Lungu’s reign, people were not only persecuted but they were also being killed and sadly no murderers were convicted. You are painting HH black when all these things are now history under his reign, is that not just hatred in you? You are now saying what you are saying and doing what you are doing because of the freedom HH has brought to this country, muletasha bane. You can’t compare a tone of bricks to a servant of the people, Lungu’s reign was something else and we don’t even want to talk about.
    If you are to find even just three good democracies in Africa today, Zambia is one of them. If you are to find even three countries in Africa today where both state and donor money is safe, Zambia is one of them. If you are to find even three countries in Africa where there is peace and conducive for investment, Zambia is one of them. That’s why you are seeing the west embracing our president as their darling, he is a good leader for this country, jealous down.


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