Lucky Mulusa
Lucky Mulusa


Few days after All People’s Congress Leader Nason Msoni expressed concern over the lack of inclusivity in government among UPND Alliance members, Movement for Democratic Change Secretary General Lucky Mulusa has predicted a fall of the Alliance.

Mr. Mulusa says from the conduct of the UPND, who are the main Alliance player, he does not see any future in the Alliance.

In interview with Hot FM News, Mr. Mulusa said the UPND are sidelining alliance members in most decisions and appointments.

But Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza has described as premature, the outbursts by UPND Alliance Member Nason Msoni that he has been sidelined in government appointments.

Mr. Mwanza says although it is the expectation of many politicians when they go into alliances to receive favours once they form government, Mr. Msoni should be mindful that many original UPND members have not yet been given jobs and have not taken the route he has taken.

He has reminded Mr. Msoni who is the All People’s Congress Leader that the UPND Alliance was voted into government by 2.8 million Zambians who are also very expectant.


  1. It is very heartening to hear such a mature and sensible response from Mr Isaac Mwanza to Mr Msoni and Mulusa’s sentiments. It is true that there are many genuine UPND members that have not been appointed yet so why do these gentlemen want to jump the queue?
    And it is quite surprising that people like Lucky Mulusa and Mr. Msoni are threatening or rather blackmailing HH with the collapse of the Alliance when they know they only joined the alliance in the last hours of the struggle. But this doesn’t matter in the real sense because their threats just amount to noise and nuisance.
    Both Mr Mulusa and Mr Msoni know they are late comers to the Alliance and when it was clear that PF was going to lose! They dont even have any MPs in parliament so there is zero threat to fall of the current Govt.
    What is clear to people is that these two persons are there for their personal stomachs not public service per se and people will see them for that. They may as well join PF if that is their best option.
    In any case, they are free to go just like they were free to join; it is unacceptable to hold any Govt to ransom. Zambians have seen enough of such characters and can make their own conclusions.

  2. But i thought a political Alliance is supposed to be temporal. Once agreed targets and conditions are satisfied you go your own way. Its time to move on bane, i thought you came together to push one party in to govt? I dont think its feasible to have many political parties in one. Such Alliances shud exist torwards and during elections to defeat one strong party, thereafter you need to stand on your own as long as you get your agreed jobs or package. Its not Rocket science.

  3. Ba Mulusa why don’t you just find time to sit with your alliance partners and dialogue, these are surely internal issues and you can solve them without involving or telling us the general public. Chilyata has already said it, some of you alliance partners have no MPs, not even ward counselors, so even if the alliance collapses now or in future, it will have very little or no impact at all on the main alliance partner which is UPND. As at now, you are better off in the alliance than being on your own at the same time, you need the alliance with UPND more than the UPND needs you, think about it, you may end up regretting like others who took the same move earlier.

  4. Mulusa, just continue struggling in your farming business, you shall one day pay off your loans. Farming can be lucrative; recall the gentleman who bought HH’s red jacket. You had your cake in government, albeit in the notorious PF regime. Give others a chance, no more recycling mediocrity.

  5. They should also come up with their alliances in 2025 so we can see if they will win 2026. The alliance was not meant to create jobs for politicians, otherwise you will have to increase the number of ministries to 2000 and civil service to 12,000,000. But that is not the purpose of the alliance, after all people like Msoni have only himself as a member and for the rest we know what happened. Honestly speaking, even without the alliance, PF was destined to go and not to ever come back.

  6. I know him as an extremely emotional man incapable of choosing words carefully when he speaks. The government hardly has any leg room as it grapples with unpayable debt. What debt-repayment suggestions or governance suggestions has he made to government which have been spurned? Isn’t stopping PF theft of public resources a benefit to him and all of us?


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