Lusaka accountant demands his adapter after breaking up with girlfriend


THE Chilenje local court has heard how a 28-year-old accountant of Lusaka kept tormenting his 27-year-old ex-girlfriend after their relationship ended.

In this case, Mutinta Ngan’du dragged Sam Bwalya to court for interfering in her private life after their relationship ended by demanding his adaptet back which he gifted her while they were dating.

Mutinta told the court that after three years of dating, she broke up with Bwalya this year in May because he started behaving funny and became physical with her.

“When we broke up, he said that he would torment me and he will not give me peace in any of my relationships,” she said.

Mutinta said Bwalya told different people that she slept around and that she was a thief who stole his adapter.

“The people who call claimed to be police officers , when infact they were not because they would tell me to meet them at certain places. I want him to stop contacting my friends and also to stop asking people to call me,” she said.

She reported to police for him to stop going to her house.

However, in his defence, Bwalya said he had called Mutinta’s sister asking that her sister (Mutinta) should return his adapter.

“The only time I went to her house was to return her charger.As for the adapter I told her that she could use it. She however , refused to give it back because I owed her some money of which, yes I did owe her money,” he said.

Bwalya claimed that he engaged the police to help him get the adapter because he did not want further trouble with her.

He claimed that while at the police station, an officer gave him a note to say Mutina was dating a paramilitary officer and that he should stay away from her.

Bwalya further denied being physical with Mutinta in their relationship, but admitted that it could have been certain words he used towards her that could have injured her feelings.

And Senior Local Court Magistrate Charity Milambo sitting with presiding local court Magistrate Patrick Nyirenda asked Bwalya why he wanted the adapter back after their relationship ended.

“You know, their are men who behave like they are in a village and so when they give you a K5 for example, they ask for it back because the relationship has ended. In your next relationship, do not do that. Real men do not do that,”

“The relationship ended because you were not meant to be. If there was love, the relationship was not going to end like this. You cannot report someone you love to police. You cannot be physical with them . A relationship is as good as a contract. Just like building a house, if you do not like the current contractor, you can change, until you find the one who suits your expectations. When you are unhappy in a relationship you leave. There is no contract that says you can continue in an unhappy relationship,” she said.

Magistrate Milambo then ordered that the two to completely stop communicating with each other.




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