Lusaka Catholic Priests Deny Authorship Of The Letter Against Archbishop Alick Banda

Lusaka Archdiocese His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Alick Banda


  1. We knew that , that letter was authored from a certain house because it was of low standard! It’s preserve was to talk and accuse PF! But please be warned that the Catholic Church is run by a country with established government structures, so it’s not easy to interfere with! So don’t mess around with it, it may not be in your best interest! Ask those who worked with late presidents Kaunda and Chiluba, they failed to bring down the Catholic Church, of course prompted by their selfishness and greed for power!

  2. It was anonymous so obviously no one can agree to have authored it but the fact still remains that the bishop Alick “slick” banda is a PF stooge.


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