Bowman Lusambo’s alledged baby Mama Mercy says Luckson Nyawali is her relative who has been paid by Bowman Lusambo. She says they’ve bought him a house and a Corolla

A man by the name of luckson nyawali claims chipego the first born daughter of mercy cowham who claims the bulldozer broke her virginity is his first born daughter with overwhelming image evidence from Facebook dated as far as 2017 on mercy and lucksons. accountLuckson want the court to order a DNA test for him and chipego
Mercy cowham claims the bulldozer fertilized his all 4 children


  1. The court must jail those interfering with the due court process who are brides and influenced by being paid money. The guys even when speaking he looks like someone hired and lacking conviction in his articulation of the issue

  2. The whole story and happenings is getting complicated where was this man who claims to have fathered a child with Cowham? Indeed if he was truly the father of the child as being alleged he could have come out in the public earlier than now.

    On the other hand, if the claims by Cowham are true , we could have seen her relatives backing her up with documentary evidence. Equally, close relatives to Bowman Lusambo could have come in the open to speak on this matter. As crooked as we may think Lusambo going by his status none of his close relatives could just ignore the children if what Cowham is saying is true. Somehow the lady is not telling the truth, it might be that not all the four children belongs to Lusambo. Some women are very evil and wicked especially single ladies they like double crossing men and when they fall pregnant they choose the one who is financially capable as the father of their unborn child. Most men have accepted children who are not biologically their children. Even some married women are also cheats who given other men ‘ s children to innocent husbands.

    Only a DNA test can settle this matter. Once a DNA test is conducted the results will shock many people. Let us wait and see what happens next!


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