Miles Sampa Denounces UPND Alliance Claims, Pledges Opposition Vigilance

Miles Sampa

Miles Bwalya Sampa has vehemently dismissed recent claims suggesting a potential alliance between PF and the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND). Addressing concerns raised by some propagandists through social media and private messages, Sampa clarified that such assertions were baseless and part of a deliberate misinformation campaign orchestrated by individuals with expired political relevance.

Sampa, in a detailed statement, expressed concern over the persistence of false narratives propagated by former PF leaders whose influence waned after the 2021 elections. He accused them of attempting to sustain a presence in the Zambian political landscape by disseminating lies, alleging that their real motive is to divert attention from their dubious activities, including alleged embezzlement of public funds.

“It’s all lies as it’s them that were about to sell PF to a smaller party for their personal gain. Evidence is in the public domain,” stated Sampa.

The PF President emphasized that his allegiance lies with the principles established by PF founder President Michael Sata. He refuted any claims of discussions aimed at diluting PF, asserting that the party’s ultimate goal is to regain governmental power for the benefit of the Zambian people.

Sampa underscored the importance of PF’s role in opposition, emphasizing its role in providing checks and balances on the ruling UPND. He stated unequivocally that an alliance with UPND, especially during his tenure as PF President, is impossible.

“We have an emotional and inescapable duty to one day get the PF back into government where Michael Sata left the boat and hijackers carelessly got it removed from power. This happened purely due to their greed, corruption, and sponsorship of violent cadres into public domains like markets and bus stations,” Sampa affirmed.

The PF President urged genuine party members to disregard the propaganda and remain focused on the party’s objectives. He assured them that PF in opposition serves a crucial role in safeguarding the interests of Zambians.

The statement concluded by acknowledging the possibility that if it is not in the current leadership’s destiny to return PF to power, a future PF leader will eventually achieve that goal. The commitment to the party’s principles and its founder’s vision remains unwavering.


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