Mine-Workers Union of Zambia
Mine-Workers Union of Zambia

By Michael Kaluba

The Kitwe and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry has advised the Mine-Workers Union of Zambia-MUZ- to prepare adequately for challenges it may face once it begins to run its own mine.

Last Friday during a supreme council meeting, MUZ President Joseph Chewe announced that the union is currently working on opening and operating its own mine and is looking at North Western, Central and Luapula Provinces to Set Up.

But Chamber Vice President In-Charge of Commerce Emmanuel Mbambiko has wondered to what extent the union will exercise control over its human resource costs related to its members turned into employees at the mine while remaining profitable.

Mr. Mbambiko also wonders whether the salary scales and conditions of service for miners and employees at the unions mine will be higher or lower and better than at other mines and how this will affect the viability of the business or collective bargaining processes between itself and the mines.

He adds that it is incumbent upon MUZ to anticipate all these challenges despite already having running business that have seen a milling plant, running of properties and the transport venture among others, develop over the past 5 years under the union.



  1. The idea by MUZ to run a mine for me does not make sense. How are they going to be negotiating conditions of service for workers as an employer but at the same time as a union? For instance, if a dispute arises between the workers and the mine, which side is MUZ going to take since it’s the employer and union at the same time? This is a clear conflict of interest in my opinion and I can already see failure of this venture.


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