M’membe, Kambwili; birds of the same feathers


Dr Fred M’membe, leader of the Socialist Party, has shared some words of encouragement and kindness for recently incarcerated Chishimba Kambwili.

Taking to the Facebook page of his Socialist Party, he submitted, “Mwaice wandi Chishimba Kambwili wisakamana. Natwishiba ifilechitika napali ubwafya natupamona.” Loosely translated into English – do not worry my young brother. We know what is happening and we’ve seen where there’s a problem.

For obvious reasons, M’membe deliberately chooses to package his thoughts in Bemba. However, if you bother to comb through the said page, you’ll discover that the once Editor of an influential tabloid usually shares his thoughts in our official language – English. Why the sudden change in the choice of the language to interact with members of the public? What is the thrust of this article? Is he somehow giving tacit approval of Kambwili’s uncouth tribal ranting?

It’s absolutely immoral and unfair to try and apportion Kambwili’s latest predicament to UPND when they were not anywhere near the corridors of power when the case was initiated.

As revealed by Mulenga Thornicroft on her Facebook page, the case which has seen Kambwili jumping on a CDF Landcruiser to begin his long journey to prison was actually reported during the PF regime by three brave women – Laura Miti, Mutibo Harvey and Mulenga herself!

“Anybody who chooses to see this as a ploy by UPND to fix Kambwili is not thinking straight!” maintains Mulenga.

She further insists that Zambia is for all of us and will never allow a few individuals make any Tonga child feel like a second class citizen due to selfish political ambitions.

Considering the gravity of the offence, Kambwili is even lucky he walked away with a lesser sentence.

Anyway, we are not surprised that M’membe has come to the defence of one of his kind. As editor of The Post Newspapers, he used the publication not only to unleash scathing attacks on UPND, but equally mounted a vicious tribal campaign against the party.

In an attempt to hoodwink the right thinking members of the public that UPND did not enjoy the support of the people beyond Southern province, he constantly referred to it as a Bantustan; a deregatory reference to partially self-governing areas set aside during the period of apartheid for particular indigenous African folks.

We are not surprised that M’membe is quick to defend Kambwili and assure him of liberation in the not too distant future…..they are actually birds of the same feathers. They both share a history of stoking tribal sentiments!

By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


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