Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda


…the company has no known shareholders, website and no known subsidiaries and the digital footprint is almost non-existent…

The Chief Executive Officer
ZCCM-IH Office Park Stand No, 16806, Alick Nkhata Road D 25 DEC 2023 h
Mass Media Complex Area
Po Box 30048 Lusaka, 10101.

Dear Sir,


The above refers.

Firstly, congratulations on finally finding a strategic equity partner in Mopani Copper Mines, this is indeed great news for Zambia and for the people of Mufulira.

We hope that this deal is completed and that the new partner moves on site as soon as possible to inject the much needed capital and human resource.

In as much as this maybe exciting, it is also concerning as we have noticed some gaps in the them new deal profile of the International Resources Holdings (IRH) of Abu Dhabi.

For starters when was first announced to the nation, I the undersigned personally tried to look the internet and couldn’t find them anywhere.

The closest I could find was International Holding Company (IHC) which from our preliminary checks has nothing to do with IRH and they don’t have any business in the mining sector.

After the deal was announced on Friday by the President, I rechecked again and found the website with so many gaps and just generic information.

It is for this reason that we have been compelled to write to your office to request for more information which you definitely must have within your custody looking at the fact that you just completed your due diligence.

As a publicly listed company with the government owning over 75% of the shares and the recent passage of the Access to Information Law, we would appreciate if you can furnish us with more information on your preferred strategic equity partner in the interest of the public and other private shareholders.

Below is the information that we request your organization to furnish us with:

1. Shareholders-Who are the shareholders of IRH to the minute detail. What l mean to the minute detail, I mean if its a corporate body, we want to know all the shareholders of the corporate bodies to the minute detail., This must be accompanied by documentation.

2. We noticed that the company has no traceable operations of any sort including mining. value addition, commodity trading, refinery and other areas as claimed by their website. From your due diligence, kindly provide information they provided to you with as regards to experience and their areas of operations. When was the company incorporated in Abu Dhabi?

3. The announcement indicates that IRH will leverage on the experience of its subsidiaries. Who are its subsidiaries? How come they are not named on the website? Which mines are they running? And a question for you ZCCM-IH especially the team that was conducting due diligence, did you physically visit any of these subsidiaries they claim to have?

4. Who are the top management/key people and what experience do they possess in running and resuscitating operations?

5. We would like to have dig into their five year financial statements which I must assume you have as an investor of this magnitude you need to do at least 5 years’ assessment on their financials.

6. The announcement indicates that IRH has over 120 professionals. What does this mean? Are they consultants or who do they work for? Who owns the mines where the 120 professionals operate from?

I am sure you do understand that Mopani Copper Mines is a critical asset for the country with proven mineral deposits. It is for this reason that those the President entrusts with such a task they care to find the right strategic equity partner with proven track record and capital.

We look forward to receiving this information and we look forward to support you conclude this transaction.

Yours Sincerely
Andyford Mayele Banda


Peoples Alliance for Change


  1. Our mines are not safe at all, I keep saying.

    He is giving away our mines to his fellow dodgy conmen whose credentials can not be traced, it seems.

    Dodgy dealing, after dodgy dealing, after dodgy dealing.

  2. As is the case with all of Hakainde’s deals , this is another stealthy and opaque transaction.
    The negotiating team told us that the short listed companies for mopani were China Zijin Mining, Norinco group, Sibanye still water, and an Investment vehicle owned by former Glencore officials. Where has IRH of Dubai come from?
    Hakainde has been going to Dubai with his discredited Foreign Affairs Minister under any pretext. At no time has he been accompanied by the Minister of Mines, ZCCM – IH officials, or the Mopani negotiating team. Who negotiated the IRH -Mopani deal? Was this deal negotiated alone by Hakainde? And who really is IRH? No wonder Dolika Banda resigned from ZCCM- IH. Zambians shouldn’t be fooled by the 49% share holding. Something doesn’t seem right with this whole thing. This deal stinks.
    The short listed companies were coming to Mopani to assess the facility and do their due diligence. Who did the due diligence on behalf of IRH?
    Hakainde is a con man. If Zambians don’t demand answers from this dodgy man , all our assets will be in his pocket. He did it in the 1990s during Privatisation. The insatiable pockets are at it now. Let us demand answers. President Andyford Banda, I salute you. Wake up Zambia.

  3. Andy Banda. This is checks and balances. Asking the right questions, shedding light on gaps, requesting for the right info & documents. If all pans out ok salute the government. If things don’t add up expose the government with facts or luck of supporting documents.


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