Nellie Mutti proposes Proxy voting

Nelly Muti


Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Nellie Mutti proposes Proxy voting

.. for MPs to trade their vote in Parliament…

Proxy voting is a form of voting whereby a member of a decision-making body may delegate their voting power to a representative, to enable a vote in absence.

A proxy vote in Parliament is a vote cast by one MP on behalf of another MP.

In my view this is dangerous as our system empowers MPs to derive their authority from their Constituency and such power may not be traded.

Below is the communication;

15th January, 2024


As part of its Programmes of Work, the Parliamentary Reforms and Modernisation
Committee is considering the topic “feasibility of introducing Proxy Voting in the National
Assembly of Zambia.”

In this regard, I am directed to inform you that you have been invited to provide input on the subject matter to the Committee during Long Meetings for the Third Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly.

The Committee will be receiving submissions from Chairpersons of all General Purposes and Portfolio Committees on the feasibility of introducing Proxy Vating in the National Assembly
of Zambia.

You are, therefore, requested to make a submission based on the guidelines as below:

  1. The advantages of Proxy Voting.
  2. The disadvantages of Proxy Voting.
  3. Whether Proxy Voting will add value to the business of the House.

You are free to provide extra relevant information on the topic under discussion, if any.

You are requested to appear before the Committee to orally present your submissions in
Amusaa Mwanamwambwa Committee Room, Parliament Buldings as per theenclosed
schedule of meetings


  1. Is it still one vote one person mr mwamba then explain your concerns because it also applies to opposition members, more clarity from you obvious intellectual intelligence would be appreciated

  2. Every time you open Zambian observer it’s “Ambassador Mwamba “. Is he the only Zambian Ambassador to ever serve and also can’t this paper find other people to air their views rather than one source only every day. Other former Ambassadors are addressed only Mr Mrs Miss.

  3. The headline is misleading. The Speaker has not proposed anything here; she has simply asked for input from members of parliament on the subject.

    • Bro, learn to do critical thinking, rather than surface! See, if something doesn’t exist &you are asked to consider what’s not &what’s there, then automatically, you are being asked to dissect what’s not there for possible consideration.

      Don’t feel lazy to use your brain eh..

    • This is the agenda of Emmanuel Mwamba always painting others bad. There’s no where in that memo that says the speaker plans to introduce proxy voting. That is a call for submissions. Mwamba please spare us your bitterness


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