“NO ONE SHOULD INTERFERE WITH PROTESTS,” Malawian Soldiers as protestors match to petition high cost of living, citing unfulfilled Promises by President Chakwera.

Malawian Soldiers have directed that no one should interfere with protests that are currently going on in that country.

The soldiers have warned the Police that whoever will be found brutalizing citizens for registering their displeasure will be dealt with sternly.

Currently Malawian citizens led by activist, Oliver Nakoma have taken to the streets in Blantyre, over the rising cost of living and what they call false campaign promises of the Tonse Alliance which calls itself New Dawn government.

Attempts to stop the protests by high police presence in anti-riot gear and in civilian outfits were thwarted as soldiers accompanied the protesters to Blantyre district council, where they are expected to deliver a petition.

The Army has warned that it will not entertain anyone to brutalize the people who are only exercising their civil rights.

The group have so far given President Lazarus Chakwera an ultimatum of 85 days to fix the challenges Malawians are facing in the country or resign as he promised.

According to Chairperson for the grouping Oliver Nakoma, they expect to present their petition to the District Commissioner for Blantyre District Council and not to Sanjika Palace as planned earlier.

“We changed both the route and where to present our petition following stakeholders meeting which took place on Tuesday”, said Nakoma.

He added that his grouping agreed with stakeholders including police on how to do it so that peace prevails.

Among other issues they want to present are rising cost of commodities, increased number of university and secondary school students who are dropping out of school due to lack of financial support and unfulfilled campaign promises by Lazarus Chakwera.

He further said they want government to address these challenges now or call for a referendum so that Malawians should make a decision if this government should continue ruling the country or not.

Members of Concerned Citizens of Malawi have started assembling at Yanakis in Blantyre ready for what they describe as mass demonstrations aimed at forcing government to address some of the challenges people in the country are facing.

Heavily armed Police officers have also gathered in order to make sure the demonstrations are held in a peaceful manner.

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