Chilekwa Mambwe wrote:

My heart bleeds whenever I look at the levels of Unemployment and Poverty in our compounds. It is sad to see how hopeless the Youth and Women who heavily participate in voting have become and are languishing in Poverty.

Students in Colleges and Universities are also suffering and seem to have no hope in that Politicians both from the ruling and opposition political parties only remember them during the time of campaigns.

The question is, where have we missed it?

The answer is simple, it is Politics! the Media and Disunity. Politics is Central here. Politicians set the narrative and this did not start today.

Most of the Politicians are now Concentrating on 2026.

What happened to 2023, 2024 and 2025???

Why is it that even most of the media houses do not talk about these others years?

What about our future generations and their welfare???

We just voted last year and we can already see where most of the energy is concentrating.

The other Unfortunate thing is that, us common citizens have also concentrated on fighting and Pulling each other down while foreigners continue to utilize our natural resources and are becoming wealthy everyday.

Please our dear leaders, Zambia is a beautiful country and we are aware that the dream of every politician is to rule this country yet home to a lot of poor citizens.

While you exchange Political Punches, remember the poor citizens who always vote 🗳 during elections.

Things are really terrible, terrible, terrible on the ground and it’s not a pleasant face.

To those in Power, kindly use the power you have to help the appointing authority better the lives of a common Zambian by utilizing the brains these youth have to create more jobs.

To those in Opposition, we need you to concentrate more on Providing Checks and Balances so as to keep the party in power in check.

Some of you have been in politics from the time I was in Secondary School and am now a father. What difference does it make?

You have always told us that the Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and this language just expired.


  1. No. Not politicians alone, but also the capacity of the country’s economy to absorb and support the citizens. Let’s grow the economy greatly then there’ll be enough to go round the population. Without doing this, every effort to cater for everyone’s need, will be an effort in futility.

  2. Things can NEVER be good when you find comfort living in a Komboni!
    Go back to the land! God’s blessings are in the soil!
    If you want to suffer, continue staying my Kombonis!
    Remember it’s politicians in the past who created Kombonis for political expediency. Politicians know that when you remove free Education and make people poor, they will be easy political tools! It’s an experiment that has worked wonders!
    Get ready for tough days ahead!
    When God wanted to bless Abraham, the first thing He did was to tell Abraham to move out of his father’s Komboni!
    Don’t expect anything to improve in the kombonis. Don’t expect generational blessings living in a flat!
    Consider Kombonis as abnormal living conditions which were not supposed to exist! Kombonis remain cesspools of human degradation!
    Find time to visit Rwanda. They have uprooted Kombonis! Anyone who has no business in town should be busy on the farms in the countryside! Remaining stranded in town is what leads to menial levels of hustling like illegal street vending which sadly is now the norm!
    A human being made in the image of God must be seen to be creative in an organized way not the disorder we have created!
    Go back to the land and you will never regret leaving Komboni Sodoms and Gomorrahs!
    Politicians are not messiahs!

  3. You have asked a very good question; where have we missed it?
    Implying politics.
    Politics is the means in which Society is modernized for the good of the citizens.
    Modern urbanisation by law was started in Britain with the urban/Rural or Country development Act.
    This Act was adopted by us as from 1964.
    The first President, Kaunda, tried to follow the Act and it was pronounced that all town development should lean towards the Capital city of the Nation.

    It was President Kaunda who Centralized the Governance system in Zambia and the Mayors became hopeless, The District Governors become, yes men only and constructive debates were killed.

    Councils became may pones.

    Now one Party System came because some had abused his powers by giving out Government moneys without any signing.

    For fear of prosecution, One Party System came to Zambia in 1973.

    Now it was the Party and its Government.

    In truth, the name Kaunda and Government became synonymous.
    It was enough to say Kaunda and you meant Government of the Republic of Zambia.

    Now, what was the politics in One Party System, humanism -which had no proper meaning;, Scientific Socialisms …

    Well, animals in National Parks could have formed animalism.

    When Kaunda was addressing the nation, all media house literally slept in Mulungushi House while Kaunda sipped water in his glass (though he told the people not to think it was ipote).

    Well, nationalization from sipping that water from his glass came forth.
    Just buying one big heavy duty tire at Nchanga Mine, salaries for Miners were delayed.

    In 1982, Kaunda was advised to start the privatization of the Mines by IMF for ten years.
    Instead he formed ZCCM from three Mines implying that two General Mangers lost their jobs and many other employees.

    Now, Politics was mixing with the Education, Mining and other business in Zambia.

    That is Economic activities in Zambia became Political
    Markets, schools and companies were closed for the passing President.

    Zambia became so much politizied that politics became an enemy for people in katondo street in Lusaka and the sister streets in Kitwe, Chingola and other towns.

    This is why when people who came from these streets became politicians, they thought now , liapuma, and started flushing moneys in the streets. Governess was overthrown and became chickenmash. Bank Governor fired and printing of money was the order.

    Now we have to work together to rebuild the lost glory of our country Zambia which was born in 1964 with a spoon in its mouth.

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