Chilekwa Mambwe wrote:

My heart bleeds whenever I look at the levels of Unemployment and Poverty in our compounds. It is sad to see how hopeless the Youth and Women who heavily participate in voting have become and are languishing in Poverty.

Students in Colleges and Universities are also suffering and seem to have no hope in that Politicians both from the ruling and opposition political parties only remember them during the time of campaigns.

The question is, where have we missed it?

The answer is simple, it is Politics! the Media and Disunity. Politics is Central here. Politicians set the narrative and this did not start today.

Most of the Politicians are now Concentrating on 2026.

What happened to 2023, 2024 and 2025???

Why is it that even most of the media houses do not talk about these others years?

What about our future generations and their welfare???

We just voted last year and we can already see where most of the energy is concentrating.

The other Unfortunate thing is that, us common citizens have also concentrated on fighting and Pulling each other down while foreigners continue to utilize our natural resources and are becoming wealthy everyday.

Please our dear leaders, Zambia is a beautiful country and we are aware that the dream of every politician is to rule this country yet home to a lot of poor citizens.

While you exchange Political Punches, remember the poor citizens who always vote 🗳 during elections.

Things are really terrible, terrible, terrible on the ground and it’s not a pleasant face.

To those in Power, kindly use the power you have to help the appointing authority better the lives of a common Zambian by utilizing the brains these youth have to create more jobs.

To those in Opposition, we need you to concentrate more on Providing Checks and Balances so as to keep the party in power in check.

Some of you have been in politics from the time I was in Secondary School and am now a father. What difference does it make?

You have always told us that the Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and this language just expired.


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