People are hungry, angry, and tired of being lied to- Dr Fred M’membe


By Dr Fred M’membe

Indeed, the results are showing: high cost of living, unstable exchange rate, excessive mealie meal prices, drug shortages in hospitals, tribalism, lies, puppetry, and corruption, among many other things.

Ubu bufi bwa pala kwati bulwele bwachifyalilwa. Twapapata chinjeni twambisheniko 2024 nefishinka.

The presidency can not always be about lies and misinformation in the Koswe fashion and style. People are hungry, angry, and tired of being lied to.

Ninshi imwe tamwaka insoni?

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Ok. If this is true then you should sit back and relax because the people will rise up and make you their leader.
    After all, you know how to feed them, give them rest and always tell them the truth. Instead you seem to be increasingly desperate and spiteful.

  2. Things are not as bad as the group of lazy musucuan, wholegans, slay queens, yakubuyos and thieves who flew, drove, dined and wined on either looted money or tax evaded money.

  3. What solutions or advice will Mmeme give to your most educated and knowledgeable President or UPND?
    People are asking for cheaper meal mealie, medicine in Hospitals. Fair share of job opportunities because no one enjoys when money or happiness is few hands. Look at the police service appointments. State house or divisions it’s same people from same provinces from the top three to fourth positions. Go to Zesco it is worse than ever. director has two sons as senior managers. ZRA the same. Parastatal the same
    People no tribe or fours tribes are more powerful or intelligent and the remaining are inferior?
    When people talk they have witnessed the systems not working for the good of the citizens. If you listen to what people are saying, one day you’ll say we heard and made changes for good of humanity


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