Jabari – The Great


The alleged breaking in the house of former president Edgar Lungu is an intentional and well coordinated move by PF cadres to try and smear mud on the New Dawn Government.

The people of Zambia knows very well that PF was a terrorist organization full of hardcore criminals who never cared about the country and the well being of the people. Therefore, breaking in the house of Mr. Lungu is a very small thing PF cadres can’t fail to do. Besides, they hate him so much and don’t want him in PF, thus poking him in the eye.

Fellow citizens! We all know that under the UPND government, no government security institution can be allowed to conduct such a move as to break into Mr. Lungu’s house and still TVs. It can only be PF officials and their cadres who are capable of committing such heinous crimes because they did it to President Hakainde Hichilema while he was in opposition.

The nation must stop wondering about who broke in because we all know it’s PF cadres and their leaders.

Jabari the Great


  1. This week we witnessed perhaps two egregious acts of depravity in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill.
    The first, a nineteen year old boy murdered his parents in Salama Park in what can only be described as an incomprehensible devilish act of barbarism.
    The second, is a perfect example of a self-inflicted wound, involving the burglary at ECL’s abode. Either the robbery is a smokescreen to paint the new dawn administration black or a crooked act by PF cadres always on the look out for a quick buck whenever they pay a courtesy on their fallen leader.

  2. I Wish the Former President would come out publicly and stop the likes of Nakachinda from being his spokesperson. It would have carried weight if the family member who reported to the Police was the one talking. This makes the whole thing look like a set up. The Former President needs to mark his boundaries.
    One would also ask why the electric fence alarm never went off, electric fences have backup batteries. This is ka inside job, but wala we are tired of this drama.

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