Edgar Lungu


By New Dawn Reporter(The New Dawn Newspaper)
FOR fear of embarrassment during the ongoing Democracy Summit in Lusaka and the arrival of USA Vice President Harris Kamala, Zambia Police has canceled scheduled interrogations against former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s son Dalisto.

Dalitso was expected to appear before the Joint Investigations Team Command Centre (JIT) today at 09 hours at the Ministry of Home Affair New Building.

Sources close to the investigations have revealed that instructions to postpone the interrogations was arrived at yesterday after assessing the security situation the action may pose.

The source said Dalitso’s lawyers were also informed about the change of the dates yesterday, though no further details were given as to why there was change of mind.

“The embarrassment was going to be too huge for State House and the Zambia Police, so, they had no option but to reschedule. Actually, the presence of Dalitso at the police would have overshadowed this Democracy Summit. So, our bosses instructed us to push the investigations to a later date to avoid what happened when the former boss appeared at DEC when he escorted his wife,” the source said.

The source revealed that State House was trying by all means to protect the image of the country during the summit, by avoiding to create a political standoff which may have a negative impact on the governance of the nation.

“We had to look at various intel over this whole thing and like what happened the last time during the women’s day and youth day celebrations unexpectedly people from the PF flocked in numbers, actually they were huge crowds. So, to avoid creating such an embarrassment during this time, the intelligence informed boss that the summoning of Dalitso is wrongly time. He is a son of former president Lungu and will attract masses of people (supporters) and that may compromise the security in the city at the time the country is holding this summit and less than 24 hours before the arrival of the USA Vice President,” the source said.

The source said Dalitso could have not come alone but with his father who is also former president of Zambia, hence the decision to reschedule the meeting.
When contacted, Police deputy public relations office Danny Mwale confirmed the development but could not give further details as to why they have rescheduled the interrogation to a later date to be communicated.


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