By Daimone Siulapwa

In the recent statement by Kasonde Mwenda, the EFF President, regarding President Hakainde Hichilema’s remarks on Barotseland, it is essential to address the potential dangers of politicizing sensitive national matters.

While Mwenda passionately advocates for the recognition of Barotseland and emphasizes the historical challenges faced by the Litunga and the Barotse Kingdom, it is vital to approach this issue with a balanced perspective.

The accusations against President Hichilema of dishonesty and being economical with the truth may carry weight, but it is equally important to acknowledge the complexity of the Barotseland Agreement issue.

The history of promises made by previous presidents and unfulfilled commitments to the region must be examined objectively.

However, it becomes dangerous when such matters are exploited for political gains without considering the broader implications for national unity.

Mwenda’s assertion that Barotseland is recognized by Zambian laws may or may not be accurate, but the interpretation and implementation of these laws require careful consideration.

It is not uncommon for legal frameworks to be subject to varying interpretations, and the resolution of such matters demands a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue rather than aggressive accusations.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) position on Barotseland, while rooted in advocacy for the region’s development and cultural preservation, must be scrutinized for its potential to sow discord.

The call for President Hichilema to make a public apology may serve the EFF’s political agenda, but it risks escalating tensions and undermining the delicate balance required for fostering national unity.

President Hichilema’s past statements on Barotseland may indeed seem contradictory, as pointed out by Mwenda.

However, it is essential to recognize that political positions and perspectives can evolve over time, especially when transitioning from opposition to the presidency.

Instead of demanding an apology, a more constructive approach would be to encourage open dialogue, where the President can clarify his current stance on Barotseland and outline concrete steps for addressing historical grievances.

The Barotseland issue should not be exploited as a tool for political one-upmanship as is being done by some of our respectable political leaders.

Responsible leadership requires acknowledging historical challenges while charting a path forward that prioritizes unity, development, and cultural preservation.

The Litunga’s role as a symbol of unity and tradition must be respected, but it should not be instrumentalized by any citizen, organization or political outfits to fuel political agendas.

National unity should be the overarching goal, and leaders from all sides must engage in responsible discourse to address historical grievances and pave the way for a united and prosperous Zambia.

Daimone Siulapwa is a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment. Send your comments to dsiulapwa@gmail.com


  1. Do you even understand the issue! Leka ukubosa and learn what the implications of the claim. Ask what are the boundaries of what they are claiming and are they legitimate owners? Who drew the boundaries and under what circumstances? If you get that you will stop barking!

    • Daimone go back to selling books. Trying to seem smart will only reveal who you really are.

      A few months ago, you tried waffling about PF. Now you seem all over the place. Like Humphrey is someone paying you to spout non sense? In all what do you hope to achieve?

  2. The Zambian opposition is a complete failure and now running at anything they think can give them traction. This includes their Lawyer John Sangwapo. He is saying Lungu was an accident president while trying to protect Lungu’s legacy of illegalities. When Lungu was rampaging with unlawlessness he was quiet, now he just expects HH to come and start giving out substantial salary increases to the Judges like PF was awarding its cadres contracts. You very well know that PF bankrupted the coffers yet you want HH to become a magician! You’re blaming him for the salaries like he is the one does the salary increases. You need to start being objective aa a Senior lawyer before you start losing respect! Do you recall that you failed as a Lawyer in the petition and ran away before finishing the case? The PF almost had you suspended to have you appearing before the Zambian courts because of your pomposity and rudeness to behave like you are the only one who knows the law in Zambia. You’re talking trash about the salaries Civil Servants get, because you’re a lawyer. Have you ever given a thought to the people you overcharge for representing them. You’ve now leadership qualities because you think everyone is below you and you don’t respect anyone. You have to stop treating people and leaders like the way you treat your students. You just criticise and don’t offer any solutions.

    • Well said. Sad that people have resort to this tone cause people think opening their mouths recklessly is their democractic right. Yes, but those rights have limits. And at some point we see their stupidity (as the english synonym for foolishness incase one vet me for being explict)
      Ones rights start and end where another starts and ends. We have to weary of that.


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