President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has rejected the results being announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia, saying that the just-ended elections were not free and fair.

In a statement released by the State House, the President said that his party, the Patriotic Front, is Consulting on the next course of action concerning the general election held on Thursday, 12th August 2021.

The President said that the general election in three provinces, namely. Southern Province, North Western Province, and Western Province were characterized by violence, rendering the whole exercise nullity.

The President said Patriotic Front polling agents were brutalized and chased from polling stations, a situation that left the ruling party’s votes unprotected in the three provinces. The President also cited the killing of Patriotic Front North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo, during voting, and Mr. Samuel Chihili, shortly before the voting, as criminal acts that rendered the general election not free and fair.

“Right now, some of our agents and supporters are in hiding because of these criminal acts. How can the elections be fair when people have been murdered and many others are in hiding after being brutalized. Is that democracy? We have written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia but they have continued announcing the results. So, we are consulting on the next decision we have to make,” the President asked.

“with polling agents having been attacked and chased from polling stations, we were reduced to competing in seven provinces while our opponent was Contesting in 10 provinces,” the President said



  1. How many innocent Zambians have you and the PF killed? And no investigation was done. You have killed many innocent Zambians in cold blood and your PF thugs have gotten away with it.
    If the UPND also mess up the same way that you did, they’re guaranteed of being voted out in 2026.
    We The PEOPLE of Zambia have the power

  2. You cannot declare, but you can make a claim. The message from the people who hired you is clear- get out! Your own pfools did you a don’t kubeba and dununad you.

    You are not fit for the office of president, if your memory is so shallow. You tear-gassed your opponent wherever he went. Do you think that was fair? You denied your competitor freedom of travel by air and you think Zambians as dumb as pfools? You just get out and go deal with your sponsors, those you sold out the country to. You have no power nor right to make declarations. Go, go, gooo!!!

  3. Thats your own fish to fry. Can you first get out of plot 1, give way…, about yr complaint we will talk after we are inaugurated.

  4. Edgar lungu you don’t have anything to do apart from hanging from that position?in future never you put a poor man as a president .lungu Edgar just accept it very is life apart from that position.

  5. The will of the people has prevailed. The people have rejected PF and it is not the part protest but the Zambian people have rejected PF leadership. Even in PF perceived strongholds they have been rejected you Mr. President. Do not impose yourself on Zambian people. Respect the constitution and the Electoral Commission of Zambia, also do not plunge this country in bloodshed and anarchy. Let the ECZ do its work and stop intimidating the ECZ and the citizenry. The power now is with the Zambian people they are ones to complain and not they have not complained so far.

  6. Does it mean that when you lose elections you also lose your senses? Who made these elections not free and fair? When you blocked your opponents from campaigning, were you making them free and fair? When you disguised your campaigns in inspecting of projects, were you making them free and fair? When you feigned your campaigns into distribution of face masks, were you making them free and fair? When you denied air space to your opponents, were you making them free and fair? Who brought in soldiers and Kamfinsa recruits on the streets? Where were they when your so called agents were chased? Where were they when Kungo was being beaten? When you finish answering these questions, you can start packing and not waste Zambians time by coming up with imaginary consultations and next courses of action.

  7. Yes let HH be sworn in and then you can petition to concourt if you want. That’s what you also did the last time remember?

  8. Is President Lungu an election observer or a competitor in these elections? Its only observers that can declare the elections not being free and fair. This new role of his, we did not give him when we elected him to this office honourable office of President. He invited election observers to monitor the elections, so we want to hear from them. Not Alungu. Not ba Mwila or any PF cadre. It possible Alungu does not understand his role as a President. At one point he told Zambians that he did not have a vision for Zambia.

    HH and Alliance Partners were denied campaigning on the Copperbelt, Northern, Luapula and Eastern. The UPND Alliance Vice President and other members were arrested in Luapula.

    We all know that the registration of voters in Southern, Western and Northwestern were deliberately suppressed.

    The SADC community should raise to the occasion and cast out demons in Alungu.

  9. This man is so drunk with power. Just a reminder that the people have the power. You’re gone and finished. At last Zambia has been liberated from dictatorship. Go and suck a lemon. Hand over power and then we don’t ever want to hear from you again because you will soon be behind bars. You’re joining Jacob Zuma. Life will be very tough for you from now onwards.

  10. ECZ is the referee. you, Lungu, as one of the competitors, cannot order the referee to be executing your whims and caprices. You Lungu and the PF should just go out of the Zambian political scene in peace and roast in turmoil wherever you will be. Zambia has had enough of chiKAMBA, chiMBWILI, chiGBM, chiDORO, chiLOO-ALL, chiPOUL “PERIODS” MONGAA and other PF execrables.


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