1. yes, it had to come,
    No one can stop the will of God,

    In as much as HH lost 5 times, he never gave up his dream.

    I would like to liken it to my situation: Attempts were made to stop me to get a PhD, they merely delayed the process but in the end, I got it. Now am a deservedly Doctor. Not Honorary Doctor but the really PhD.

    As for HH, even if they mocked him to be looser 5 times, he never gave up his dream, it had to come.
    It is called, focus.

    As for those who were being used to stop him, what a shame today they salute to him as boss of the commander in chief. Their jobs fate is in his hands.

    Allow me, yes if he decides to retire you or redeploy you, it’s not that he thinks you do not deserve it, but merely that he can trust you, it’s normal procedure, your loyalty could be with the outgone regime.
    God bless you in your next assignment.
    For those who were retired in the national interest, like the Police officers in the Mongu treason scene, those Mr President, may you kindly recall them, they were on vacation leave as you once said.


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