We have noted with serious concern, the deliberate misrepresentation of facts as stated by President Hakainde Hichilema earlier today at State House during the swearing in ceremony for Permanent Secretaries, a High Court Judge and the Commissioner of Lands.

The deliberate misconception and distortion of facts suggests that the President has “abolished” allowances for all Civil Servants on duty. This is aimed at deliberately agitating Civil Servants in the country and bringing the New Dawn Administration into disrepute.

We want to make it clear and place on record that the President has NOT abolished any allowances for civil servants at all. What is correct to state is that the President tasked Cabinet Office to convene a day’s workshop for all Ministers and Permanent Secretaries who will inturn hold meetings with their Directors and other Senior Government Officials on how they are expected to execute their duties in the New Dawn Administration.

For purposes of this one day workshop that will be held next week for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries, no allowances shall be paid out as this will be treated as an ordinary day’s work. And the President was clear, emphatic and did not mince his words to warrant the unfortunate misrepresentation of what he stated.

We take this opportunity to urge our esteemed media houses, reporters and their editors to strive to report correctly and resist the temptation to sensationalize and misrepresent facts in the process thereof.

We urge our scribes to feel free to verify, clarify and consult when in doubt or not clear over what has been communicated by the President.

Our office (Upnd Alliance Media) and that of the Presidential Spokesperson remain open, welcoming and available for any clarification sort by any media house when in doubt or not clear.

Kind regards
Thabo Kawana
Upnd Alliance Media Director.


  1. There is need to move very swiftly on this matter. Some of the so called civil servants still enjoying public service allowances are PF cadres. New Dawn Government should also review subsistence allowances paid to public servants. They are too high in relation so salaries.Workers in some Government Departments have resorted not to be doing their jobs in the pretext of non availability of subsistence allowances. Am I telling lies.


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