By Aswell K. Mwalimu

5 February 2024

EVEN with the apparent high cost of living and tough-times to make ends meet in the country, several Good-Zambians volunteered their time, energy, various skills and their limited resources by reporting everyday to save lives at Cholera Centers across Zambia.

The health hazard, which comes with Cholera, never stood in the way of these Good-Zambians, for they were strongly driven by hard work, patriotism and volunteerism.

After touring the National Cholera Centre at the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, President Hakahinde Hichilema directed the Ministry of Health that all volunteers working at Cholera Centres should be employed in Government through a transparent and organised manner.

Mr Hichilema’s directive is a unique way of championing hard work, patriotism and volunteerism which are prerequisites to national development.

The Head of State gave life to the words of Civil Rights Activists, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., who once said, “You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

And for me, Mr Hichilema was in a way saying, “away with tulyemo (demand for handouts) we, the people of Zambia must pride in hard work, patriotism and volunteerism!”

Mr Hichilema’s kind gesture of creating hundreds of jobs in an instant for Cholera Volunteers was directly saying hard work, patriotism, and volunteerism pays.

History has a proven record that kind deeds come with unfathomable rewards.

Great nations across the globe have been built by hard work, patriotism and volunteerism; China is one such great example.

With great leadership in place, Zambia shouldn’t lag behind!

I hope and pray that the Head of State’s call to all citizens to join hands in the fight against Cholera shall be extended to other areas that demand for unity of purpose to make Zambia a better place.

Mr Hichilema’s directive to MoH to employ all volunteers in Cholera Centers across Zambia reminds me of “Service Above Self,” which impacted my life as a member and later President of Ndola Rotaract Club.

And “Service Above Self,” best explains the philosophy of unselfish volunteer service for the better good of humanity.

And my life in Jaycees; Junior Chamber International (JCI), I was motivated by one of the JCI Creed/Values, ”Service To Humanity Is The Best Work Of Life.”

I believe volunteers in the Cholera Center across Zambia achieved both “Service Above Self” and “Service To Humanity Is The Best Work Of Life,” which attracted Mr Hichilema’s kind heartedness.

I have one word for Mr Hichilema’s leadership; GENIUS!



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