President Hichilema should have immediately flown back following tragic loss of life in Chingola- Jackson Silavwe says


President Hichilema should have immediately flown back following tragic loss of life in Chingola – Jackson Silavwe says

He writes:

Terribly gutted by the unfolding tragic loss of dozens of lives in chingola district at the open pit mine due to a cave in.

I deeply condole with all the affected family members and friends and the entire nation about this national disaster.

No man, woman, youth or child should lose their lives in such a manner for simply wanting to earn a living or just to put food on the table.

In moments like these the Republican President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema should have flown back home to be with his people in chingola who are vulnerable and in mourning.

Better still the prompt presence of Vice President Nalumango, who is already in the country would have meant a lot to the people of chingola and the whole nation.

Government through the ministry of mines must ensure that such a careless tragic loss of lives should never occur again both in the near and distant future.

I urge the Government to open a bank account for individuals and companies to donate money to help the affected families with small business grants after burial.

On behalf of the Golden Party of Zambia, GPZ, I offer our unreserved heartfelt condolences to the affected families and friends.

May God comfort grant the affected families strength, peace, love and comfort during this period of mourning.



  1. In Zambia at the moment due to the new dawn government restoration of freedom of speech, every opposition member has become a specialist in every topic. You would think the country is blessed with intellectuals and to find most just right because they hate the president while the citizens love him.

  2. Illegal miners breaking the law at will despite several appeals to stay away for their own safety.

    Let the president attend to matters that are likely to benefit the country.


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