President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella expected in Zambia next week. He is scheduled to address the National Assembly of Zambia on July 7, 2022.


  1. After his speech , Sishuwa Sushuwa will say ” the only good morning thing about this speech is that it has ended” kikikikikikiki

    • I pray to our dear God to keep Dr, Sishuwa in good health and that he be invited to attend the address so that he can give the nation a good analysis of the address .

  2. We are surely in the Champion’s League. Italy is one strategic economy for Africa. They have no former colonies. They can surely invest in the Marble Industry that we are even failing to see it’s value. Italians are also good in leather processing. By making these suggestions I hope I am helping the country because I am aware that cadres who were left in the public service by PF know nothing. Italians are also good in wine making. I would say they make better wine than the French but the French outsmart them on marketing using their former colonies.

  3. Surely good days are coming for Zambia, this man called HH has effectively marketed and exposed this country to local, Regional and International stage.These are some of the benefits of President’s foreign trips although some dull people don’t see that. We are indeed back in the league and are no longer under relegation.


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