Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi

Lusaka prophet says night clubs are evil!
Lusaka based Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi writes; Did you know that night clubs are altars of the devil and portals of Hell? I personally know about 2 different individuals that saw a demon standing among people having fun in the same night club.

Altars represent portals, a portal is a door that allows spiritual powers to flow in a specific area on the earth. An altar can be any dedicated place were people can worship and honor their God. For example a church is an altar of God; nonetheless, an altar can be built anywhere, in the house, on the mountain were you can pray and fast from…etc. Genesis 12:7.

The altars of God are also portals of heaven, portals of heaven are openings or doors that allow angelic activities or the power of God to flow or manifest in certain areas or places, that is why in churches and at prayer mountains, we witness demons fleeing , demons getting powerless, agitated, through people; because those locations are active places for Gods powers. In Ezekiel 1 a portal of heaven opened.
Humans can also be portals of God, if they live righteously and allow Jesus Christ to live in them, because Jesus Christ himself is a portal of heaven. John 11.

The same way there’s portals and altars of heaven, there’s also altars and portals of hell. These are grave yards, witch doctors shrines, satanic shrines, psychics altars, satanic temples, certain waters, idol temples, idol altars and lastly the night clubs. These are active places for the devil which are doors to the underworld/hell, allowing demonic activities and satanic powers to flow and manifest.

The night club is a very very forgotten altar of satan and portal of hell. This doesn’t mean the night club owners are aware, they might be innocent and genuinely doing it for business, but, that doesn’t mean the very first night club agenda was innocent, it was created for that sole purpose of it being an altar of satan.

In the club some people go there for prostitution, some go there to fulfil their sexual desires, there’s always people fighting, people cursing each other, some people have been murdered there, some people get so drunk and offend others and God, some people got so drunk and died in road accidents, after clubbing some people got raped, some people contracted diseases, some ended up in police in prison.

The devils and the devils agents powers are more active at night, from 12 am to 05 am. That is why they work in the night. Don’t you wonder why night clubs only operate at night? from night to before dawn? Devils agents both male and female are sent to clubs for work, that is also their active place of work. Their work is to sleep with people, through that they can destroy or steal ones destiny, destroy marriages, break families , destroy careers, make one lose interest in God, make people barren/impotent, destroy businesses, cause hatred and rejection on people, they can also turn one into a sex slave too and also initiate others into the kingdom of satan to do the same work. And where ever these are, demons are there.

If you have been to the club you must agree that it is a very active demonic place, what happens there is the opposite of what God wants people to be, only sin is being practiced there. This also doesn’t mean every person that visits the club is demonic or is a sinner, there are innocent people that go there to have fun, dance, go there for music or just for a few drinks and return home. But how safe are you, going into a satanic altar where there’s an active portal of hell, full of devils agents acting like normal people and full of demonic spirits? My brother , my sister pray hard before going there or refrain from being there.




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